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Started by oldstonejim; 520618 views.


Yea Russell quit Muzzy mid 95 to go to lucky strike (the broken foot incident) and had a full year in 96 before getting sacked....unlike you, I liked his style.

Hey, I got a Biaggi rep, but it's his 97 AGV chartreuse (sic) scheme.

OK, what New England bike dealer made it to the international bike racing scene through the TransAtlantic series?


From: oldstonejim


 Tim, can you snap a photo of that helmet and post it,or if you know of a link with a photo of it.

I have no idea about the new england dealer, before you put me to shame with the answer, can you give me a hint, like the racer.



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From: oldstonejim


Damm, I wish I copied some of those match races.....Hmm....Now you got me thinking I should know this....the pressure...Im tempted to cheat...but I'll keep thinking...Eric can you help?

I sent you my addy, I cant believe your sending me a John K helmet is different and thats not the Biaggi Im looking for.  Did you ever see the one Im talking about?

I have a another ?, I dont know this one,  Back in mid 80's there was a motorcycle racing movie that had some scene filmed on the top of Mt Wachussett, the story was about 2 brothers that built their own GP racing bike and brought it over to Europe.  I think it came out in 86-87.  Any Idea the name?


My JK rep is the first gen helmet he had, it was a cross between Kenny Roberts helmet & his own, this was back in 90, 91, 92.

Yea I remeber the chrome one, then he went to AGV for a sponsor.  Have fun finding that one.

The only GP movie I remember is the 80 B flick "Silver Dream Racer".  Where a privateer Nick Freeman races an old TS and his brother (Greg) an engineer was making a gp bike but got killed, so his widow gave him the bike and he gets going and races it at Silverstone (it was taped at the 79 Silverstone GP, a recovered Suzuki, which was also the first race for the NR500).  Beau Bridges was the american superstar in the show.

Oh yea, I've got that!

I've got the new GP flick Faster also.

Tell me what your looking for for 80's races, I got some stuff.  I've got over 4,000 hours of race stuff.


From: oldstonejim


Hey I think that is the movie, and they re- released it in 86 on VHS.  That sounds like the same story, I cant believe they would make a remake of that classic

My wifes JK helmet is the bell, its gotta be at least 10years old, maybe older.

Earlier in this post I went searching for my old vhs tapes, I have a feeling they ended up in the dumpster with the 20boxes of old mags. :( 

Im still searching, and thinking, you got me thinking its a trick ?  like maybe its not a racer I should be thinking about but maybe a tuner or owner....hmmm  


J. Kocinski didn't get Bell Sponsorship until 96 or 97.  Hers is most likely based on the Bell M1.

Nope, he may be a tuner now, but was the rider.  His initials are JB.

Are you interested in Silver Dream Racer?


From: oldstonejim


truck c

Tim, love the kerker ad.

Yes, I love a copy of that movie, Im sure its the one I thinkin of, Here's one scene I remember ( this was filmed on Mt wachussett ) Kid was praticing on a county road, and there was a logging truck coming out of the woods, on a dirt road and of course the truck crosses the road just as the kid is flying by.

I think you got me on the ??, but I'll guess and say Bettencourt Honda, didnt they use to be on rt 9 in natick, I think there was a John Bettencourt that did some local racing back in the late 70's and Early 80's

thats my best guess. 


From: oldstonejim


Here's my wife helmet, and I think I got one of mine, if not I snap a photo next week, helmet is at my office.

My helmet is