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Started by oldstonejim; 523897 views.


J. Kocinski didn't get Bell Sponsorship until 96 or 97.  Hers is most likely based on the Bell M1.

Nope, he may be a tuner now, but was the rider.  His initials are JB.

Are you interested in Silver Dream Racer?


From: oldstonejim


truck c

Tim, love the kerker ad.

Yes, I love a copy of that movie, Im sure its the one I thinkin of, Here's one scene I remember ( this was filmed on Mt wachussett ) Kid was praticing on a county road, and there was a logging truck coming out of the woods, on a dirt road and of course the truck crosses the road just as the kid is flying by.

I think you got me on the ??, but I'll guess and say Bettencourt Honda, didnt they use to be on rt 9 in natick, I think there was a John Bettencourt that did some local racing back in the late 70's and Early 80's

thats my best guess. 


From: oldstonejim


Here's my wife helmet, and I think I got one of mine, if not I snap a photo next week, helmet is at my office.

My helmet is


You got it John Bettencourt.  Yup, that's the Bell M1, he went with Bell Sponsorship after Shoei.

Nope, that's not the movie I got but I'm going to look into it.

Wow, you are old...LOL, you remember the Kerker ads.


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From: oldstonejim


I was gonna guess that before you put up the hint. I wonder if thats the same relation to Saddlebum? Keith, im sure your reading got some conections to them?

Ah yeh I loved those old kerker ads, my 2nd bike was a 81 gs450e I had a 2:1 kerker, that baby kicked a$$ and sounded great for a inline 2, hit a telephone pole with that bike, then got run over by a passing car while laying on the ground, good bike though 

Maybe that movie Im thinking of was made in the mid 80's I know I rented it in vhs before I got married in 88 so it was out before that.

I found a internet movie data base once and It wasnt listed on that under " motorcycles" 

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From: oldstonejim


who's racing career ended in 1989 in a weird racing accident?  And what was so strange about the accident?

Bonus, who was the other rider in the accident and what was he doing?


'89 USGP Laguna Seca, Bubba Shobert on the Cabin Honda NSR 500.

It started when Kevin Magee on the Lucky Strike Yamaha battling Eddie Lawson on the Rothsman Honda on the last lap for a podium position and Magee's Yam sputtered due to low fuel level.  On the cool down lap on the back side of the track Magee did a burn out due to frustration, well behind him were Lawson & Shobert shaking hands and rear ended Magee at about 40mph and ended his career due to a head injury.

Side note, one year later Magee on the Lucky Strike Suzuki had problems with it on the warm up lap and got a late start....he was trying to catch up at the beginning of the race and crashed......was out for the rest of the season for you guessed it......a head injury.  Poetic justice.




- You got it John Bettencourt.  -

I let Jim play that question cause it was too easy for me! <G>


I take it John is a relative?