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From: oldstonejim


who's racing career ended in 1989 in a weird racing accident?  And what was so strange about the accident?

Bonus, who was the other rider in the accident and what was he doing?


'89 USGP Laguna Seca, Bubba Shobert on the Cabin Honda NSR 500.

It started when Kevin Magee on the Lucky Strike Yamaha battling Eddie Lawson on the Rothsman Honda on the last lap for a podium position and Magee's Yam sputtered due to low fuel level.  On the cool down lap on the back side of the track Magee did a burn out due to frustration, well behind him were Lawson & Shobert shaking hands and rear ended Magee at about 40mph and ended his career due to a head injury.

Side note, one year later Magee on the Lucky Strike Suzuki had problems with it on the warm up lap and got a late start....he was trying to catch up at the beginning of the race and crashed......was out for the rest of the season for you guessed it......a head injury.  Poetic justice.




- You got it John Bettencourt.  -

I let Jim play that question cause it was too easy for me! <G>


I take it John is a relative?


Ok, name the last privateer to win a AMA superbike race.  What year, make, who's was main his sponsor & what were they known for?

I helped sponsor him the year he won....I must be a good luck charm...LOL!




 - I take it John is a relative? -

Ahh, I wish. Actually, Dick ran Bettencourt's Honda out of Attleboro when I lived in Seekonk, the next town over. John got involved in the business and they relocated to Bridgewater where my older son now lives. So even though we are not immediately related, I feel we are at least related by close proximity! <BG>

I have spent many an hour at Bettencourt's Honda in both towns and we are probably related in the distant past as both of our ancestors come from Pico, a tiny island in the Portuguese Azores.

The upside of this all is... I get cool Tee Shirts with my name on them! <G>


From: oldstonejim


Tim, You are the master, your answer on Bubba was awesome, I forgot all about the accident Magee had the next year.  wanst it even at the same point in the track where bubba ran into him?

Where you a Teenage ninja turtle fan back in 93, I was I loved dale quarterly on his Kawi

I hope Im right, I do remember some Italian dude winning 2 races in 96 or 97  on a duc, his name was something like alex grammi, but im guessing he was a factory racer brought over to replace corser or someone else.


From: JB (JAMESB121)


<<I get cool Tee Shirts with my name on them!>>

Are the photos the same ones posted in the Post Office? LOL