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The evidence that Jesus actually existed is pretty weak   Religion

Started 11/26/17 by DigYourGig; 1247 views.

From: Ishmael112


To say "pretty weak" is not to say nonexistent.

The story of walking on water, raising people from the dead, and other miracles performed have been written about by multiple people, studied for over 2000 years by both believer and non-believers and still not disproved. If they are just myths as you claim, then why hasn't science disproved them yet?

DigYourGig said...

Why don't you believe those stories, hm?

I do believe them. In the same way that a child believes stories about the tooth fairy or Santa Claus or the boogeyman. It is a easy way to explain things to children and as the child grows and matures, he/she is able to understand the more complex truth behind the stories. As mankind has matured, the wonderful stories of have been replaced with the truth. 

Hector442 said...

If you asked Swamp Rat why the chicken crossed the street,

I'd say to get to the other side


From: DigYourGig


By the same token, the stories about Zeus have not been "disproven" either, and they've been around a lot longer than stories about Jesus. So why don't you believe Zeus is an actual being with godlike powers exercising control over our lives today?


From: Hector442


"If they are just myths as you claim, then why hasn't science disproved them yet?"

Your gullibility and stupidity know no bounds.  Didn't anyone ever tell you about the fallacy of proving negatives?

Did I tell you that my great great great grandfather had magical powers, including the power to fly through the solar system?  He flew to Uranus on 3 occasions, bringing back wondrous artifacts.  After all these years non-believers have been unable to disprove the great feats of my great great great grandfather. 

  • Edited December 5, 2017 7:59 pm  by  Hector442

From: DigYourGig


Where has science ever PROVED that someone could raise himself from the dead? Or that someone could walk on water? Or that a donkey can talk?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

The old "gods" were based on objects -- Zeus for the sky/weather, Apollo for the sun, Hades for the dead.  As mankind matured, they realized that there wasn't many "gods" but one God.

Same as a child "knows" that the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and Santa are real, but as they mature they realize it is just their parents doing those things.

You are basing your argument on the fact that there is no proof God exists. 


From: Sparks500


Jesus came to me in dream last night. He told me you are an asshole....