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"Bring back child labor!"   News

Started 1/30/19 by Meta (DigYourGig); 130 views.
Meta (DigYourGig)

From: Meta (DigYourGig)


A GOP lawmaker wants to repeal child labor laws in his state. He employs hundreds of minors.

Under Indiana’s child labor laws, minors can work for a limited number of hours: 18 hours a week for those ages 14 and 15 and 30 hours a week for 16- and 17-year-olds. Working more than that and into late-night hours requires parental consent. A six-hour work day must include 30-minute breaks.

A new bill would scrap these rules, a move that opponents fear would enable bad actors who expose minors to excessively long working hours. But there’s another factor that has raised concerns: The bill’s author, Republican state Sen. Chip Perfect, owns a ski resort — and he employs hundreds of minors — which has led to questions about his motivations.


From: Piemur


I don't see it in this article, but another one I read on this had Perfect saying something along the line of the bill would help "small businesses". I don't know about Indiana, but at least here in NJ I don't know of many "small businesses" that are open past about 9-10PM, and the ones that are open and might be considered "small businesses" are fast food franchises. The mall the supermarket I work for is in and the route I take to/from work have a lot of stores, and they're pretty much all closed when I go in to work around 9:30PM.

From: RGoss99


There is nothing wrong with the concept of child labor laws, just as there is nothing wrong with parents putting kids to work. The problem is lack of oversite to monitor the diffence between acceptable work and child abuse. In the part of Spain where I live, most of the kids have jobs when not in school. the daughter of the owner of my local tends bar during her summer vacations from university. However I can remember her serving drinks when she was about the equivalent of 6th grade in the U.S. Nothing wrong with that, by the time she was in high school she was a very mature young adult, comfortable with people, a good student, with a lot of practical knowledge of how the real world works, at the same time she was helping to support her family and learning to be a responsible adult in the future. The issue is what percentage of her time, and the type of work and the work environment. Our community is organized as a village with people living close togather (no front, side, or back yards). What ever business the family is in almost all are part time famers. My pharmacy has 4 generations, one summer I recognized a kid from the primary school and asked her mother how old she was as she was filling my perscription (10), a Muslim girl across the street from me is 13, though her feet barely reach the pedels I often see her driving a John Deere.