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What Trump is doing during "executive time"   Politics

Started 2/5/19 by Meta (DigYourGig); 58 views.
Meta (DigYourGig)

From: Meta (DigYourGig)


Dana Milbank:

What Trump is actually doing during Executive Time should be obvious to anybody who looks at the man. He is performing his beauty regimen.

Katie Rogers of the New York Times just did an investigative deep-dive into Trump’s routine and reported, among other things: “A half-dozen current and former aides and people close to Mr. Trump say he has long been self-sufficient in matters of grooming.”

This is impressive, because his grooming is extensive: By Trump’s own account, shampooing with Head & Shoulders and then an hour of drying. Only then does the extensive combing and hair-spraying begin. In addition, there is the coloring of both hair and skin to whatever bad ombre of orange he desires. Self-tanning creams can take four to eight hours to do their magic before they can be washed off. That’s a lot of executive time.


From: Hector442


If only he stayed in the bathroom except when he sleeps.