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Sean Spicer appears on TV drunk   Politics

Started 2/6/19 by Meta (DigYourGig); 60 views.
Meta (DigYourGig)

From: Meta (DigYourGig)


The best thing about the State of the Union tonight (aside from Pelosi's eye-roll and sarcastic standing ovation) was Sean Spicer drunk off his ass.

Sean Spicer Appears "Drunk" on BlazeTV's Post-SOTU Coverage

11:16 PM PST 2/5/2019 by Abid Rahman

An apparently drunk Sean Spicer appeared on BlazeTV's post-State of the Union show on Tuesday night. 

The former White House press secretary was a guest of host Eric Bolling's post-SOTU coverage from the lobby of Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. In his interview with Bolling, Spicer appeared to be slurring his speech when asked if he was returning to work in the White House. 

"[Trump] said "I want you to come back to the White House" and I told him, I said very clearly, "Mr. President I love you, I love this White House, but you're never getting me back," Spicer said. 

Spicer then talked about his current plans and how we was "having a fun time" before an awkward exchange with Bolling over his sartorial choices. "I never knew Target had clothes like that," Spicer said as he sampled the fabric of Bolling's suit, before exclaiming "Target!" once more as the former Fox News man tried to ignore him. Finally, Bolling uttered "Armani" and changed the subject.