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Trump supporters and taxes   Economy & Healthcare

Started 2/6/19 by Piemur; 124 views.

From: Piemur


Lots of Trumps supporters are realizing how badly they got screwed over by "tax reform" last year.

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Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


They're only now figuring this out? Gullible, really gullible fools to believe Trump who has always looked out for his own wallet more than anything else. And the guy who blamed the Earned Income Credit is a nasty, vicious fool, since the tax cuts went to large corporations and the rich, not the low income people.

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One thing really gets a lot, they fail to consider the new tax schedules and its reduced withholding tax rates for a given set of deductions hence, too little withheld over the course of the year.

People need to STOP using the Bank of The IRS for a forced savings account, better to save your own tax money and not get surprised at the end of the year.  I personally strive to reach about zero on paid in versus to pay out, not too good this year, paid in quite a bit more than I planned on, get back about 25% of what I paid in, not that I pay all that much anyway, no wage or investment income at all, and only modest retirement and SS. 

I do not make enough to even be lower middle class at best..