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AOC needs only 5 minutes to explain how broken our system is   Politics

Started 2/8/19 by Meta (DigYourGig); 314 views.

From: RGoss99


I like her, a breath of fresh air


From: 6686L


Sad that she dosnt see the REAL problem - what it is "politically incorrect" to discuss...the simple fact that humanity is a pestilence "fouling" this planet.  Humanity is breeding faster than rats - even the Chinese, with their brutal military-police style dictatorship, could not enforce their "one child one couple" policy.

Yes, working towards the goal of ceasing dependence on fossil/petrochemicals would help - but if we cut pollution per person by 75%,  but breed a dozen more people....where are we?

Petro-chemicals from fossil fuel has permitted the human race to expand far far beyond in numbers what nature would provide.   They are responsible for modern medicine,  controlling habitat temperature,  are why some countries can provide enough food.  I see severe limits on the logic of her ideas on petrochemicals.

She is "right on" as to how failure to REGULATE capitalism has allowed the greedy to engage in self-centered selfish gobbling up of money.  Hopefully, something useful can come to those ideas of her in the immediate future.

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From: RGoss99


The problem is that those who make the decisions have been bought out by the selfish rich, and it would take a massive revolt to displace their power, and it would be messy. I agree, even if we do what we can, the negative curve for systainability si increasing. We are very green in our village, and pretty much self sustaining, our increasing population has nothing to do with the natives, it is the immigrants who are pretty mch forced to come here because of the lack of sustainability in their places of origin So all we can do is pick away, here are some examples.

I am water and electricty independent, both meters work in both directions. For water, to belong to the system requires a mandatory 5€ a quarter, from which is subtracted, the water I sell when I clean my 3 cisterns (two fresh, one grey, the latter because I have a paralel plumbing system wher by grey water is recycled, to my roof garden. I have solar, based on a government supported loan. Basicly this means, that after deducting for the loan and interest,, my surplus electrictiy results in a monthly check sent to me averaging between 40-50€ per month. This will automaticly increase for two reasons, as the original loan is paid off the interest will decrease, at the same time the cost of electricity is going up,so my surplus is worth more.

Our "punt verd" (green point formerly called a dump), ot only makes money via recycling, but provides employment in he process. I am retired, divorced, and single, o I do not use the local rubbish pickup, which involves a 4 way break down, I visit the green point about twie per month, where "trash" is clssified ino 8 categories (the latest is palm residue, which does not brea down without help.

Basicly if we did not have the city or the tourists, our island would e self  sufficient, it i the "camp" hat makes the larger urban area more sustainable. When a absentee,noble, landlord applied to our local council f permission to turn his estate ino a gol course, we said "no" but he got a consolation pze, a solar farm instead, which means our entire village exports electricity, in addition a university agronomist, has arranged to grow food underneath the panels, just watered by the natural rain, plus the condensation on the bottom side of the pannels. For historic reasons we live in compact villages, all dwellings 2 stories or over, which means that "leaving town" is a 5 minute walk in any direction, and our village´s seven neighboring villaages average 2k away with the space inbetween either agricultural or green belt..

Our lcal governent vehicles are all electic, and for them and others, the echarge is free.

As you say, all this is pointless iwe can´t slow fertility. An American problem is the brainwashed christians, who are against sex education, birth control, a dictrine which has no support from the teachings of Christ. 

OT but related, a friend sent me an actua photo, of a lot of "boat people" who do not contribute to the economy. They are our king and queen emeritus, the present king Queen, the former Duke and Duchess of Palma (title nullified after a trial for influence peddling among other things) ,their kids, Tue Duchess and former Duke of Lugo, their kids, the princess of Asturias, and her sster the enfanta, and some other members of the royal family. Under our laws, it is very hard to disinherit a memer of one´s family, and the exking has a pending law suit from his 4 illigitimate children (as king he refused to give an ADN sample, but it is not necessary as all the illigitimate are half sibs, and their mothers have no male contacs in common, as they are Portuguise, Belgian, and Spanish. The ex king is also very wealth in his own rank, as the major stockholder in our largest oil country, we have no production here this company gets its oil by exploiting Africans and South Americans.

History is not taught well in the U.S. so most Americans are unaware that Spain is a state composed of 4 nations, one of which is mostly Cataluinya which wants independence, if one draws a triangle between the three regional capitals there is another isue in that withing this triangle there is probably oil, A Scottish north sea oil company wants to explore and do test drilling, but the three Catalan regins are against it, but of course Spanish spain, which is already living off this region is for it because it has no natural resources. So an unreported aspect of the Catalán vote for independence, is not just national pride and history, it is economic.


From: Sparks500


Spain is on my bucket list.


From: RGoss99


I hope your choice of bucket items as selctive. Spain, a state of 4 nations, has a problem with the Spanish nation, which has a personality much like Trump voters, fascist, chauvinistic, conservative, superstitious, and way too patriotic. There was a news item today about a Florida kid, whose refusal to stand for the pledge led to his arrest. In Spanish Speaking spain, many primary schools have the pledge in their morning followe by a march past where each kid and teachers takes a hold of the Spanish flag and kisses the bottom corner. While they play the royal march, as spain does not have a real ngeneral national anthem.