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From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostFeb-8 3:55 PM 
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An armed society is a polite society. That's what they keep telling us.

Suspected gunman in road rage shooting charged with attempted murder

Minneapolis — A man from St. Paul, Minnesota, was charged Thursday following a road rage confrontation that was caught on camera. 

Shocked motorists flooded 911 with calls that a bus driver had been shot along a major Minneapolis freeway at rush hour Tuesday. Police said 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly fired five shots at the 78-year-old school bus driver who bumped his car on an icy interstate, hitting him in the head and arm. 


From: 6686L DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-10 10:51 AM 
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Waiting for you to be honest and tell us what YOU think should be done about firearms abuse?  Speicifically, do you join "RUTA" and propose an "Australian" type "solution" on the USA ?

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From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostFeb-10 10:52 AM 
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I have shared my opinions on that subject many, many times in this forum.


From: 6686L DelphiPlus Member IconFeb-11 11:56 AM 
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I remain curious about what your proposals would be to reduce abuse with firearms.   I tried a 'search" typing in gun,  gun violence, and gun control;  found many hostile comments,  and one interesting proposal by RUTA to go with Australia's method.     

So far,  wasn't able to find your propsals - but let me again note I am pretty incompetent with computers.  I have seen a recent comment on you apparently hostile to the idea of the general public having access to firearms.  Not sure what to make of that absent further clarification from you.    Perhaps you can tell us what you think about the CONCEALED WEAPON PERMIT program of many state,  how you feel the greater supervision, vetting, etc., that generally provides ?    Or perhaps you are for or against the present laws regarding assault rifles & other fully auto weapons,  and what you would do with that ?


From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostFeb-11 11:57 AM 
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As I said, I have expressed my opinion on that topic many times. And since you are here only to play games, not to have a serious discussion, I'm not interested. I will discuss things with people who are serious about discussion. 


From: Knotpicky (RUTA)Feb-11 1:53 PM 
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Instead of haranguing others about this, why don't you define or describe what you mean by "draconian" gun control measures? Then you might engender some real discussion.


From: Hector442Feb-11 4:40 PM 
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