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Trump promises, Trump lies   Politics

Started Mar-12 by Meta (DigYourGig); 115 views.
Meta (DigYourGig)

From: Meta (DigYourGig)


Trump Lauded Farmers, Medicare and AIDS Programs. Then He Unsheathed the Budget Knife.

New York Times:

WASHINGTON — On Friday, the White House announced that Karen Pence, the second lady, would lead a delegation to the United Arab Emirates in support of disabled American athletes at the Special Olympics. On Monday, the White House’s budget proposed striking $17.6 million in grants to expand the event.

What a difference a few days can make.

The Trump administration’s annual budget proposal on Monday envisioned a series of cuts that contrasted with the president’s own words of support for both programs and people — including some groups that make up his political base. To help make way for more military and border spending, it would slash programs large and small, from Medicaid and Medicare — which President Trump as a candidate promised to protect — to safety nets for farmers.

Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


So what else is new? <snark> He lies, he always lies, he breaks promises like they're saltine crackers for his soup. Yet his base continues to support him. What will his retiree base think now, continue supporting him while they're hit with losing health care? What terrible devastation must he wreak before those gullible idiots see him for the scam artist that he is?

Owen (Cymbyz)

From: Owen (Cymbyz)


Trump lies practically every time he opens his mouth.  His base is virtually brainless, and doesn't catch on.  Guess they're just waiting to be mangled, and you can be sure Trump will oblige them.