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Some on Mueller's Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed

Members of the special counsel's team have told associates that their findings are more troubling for President Trump than the attorney general indicated.


From: Knotpicky (RUTA)Apr-4 12:03 PM 
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In my estimation, both articles are too friendly toward Trump and Barr. The Washington Post article said the Mueller team had prepared summary paper. Barr could have released the Mueller summary or summaries, rather than whitewashing the report with his own interpretation.

If Barr was honest and had any integrity, he'd have released the Mueller team summaries to the public and the full report to Congress. But he's shown that he's a partisan hack, protecting the most corrupt occupant of the White House. I think he lied to Congress in his confirmation hearings, and should be charged with that.


From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostApr-4 12:21 PM 
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My questions remain very simple:

If they did nothing wrong, why did Trump and his top people ALL lie about their meetings and dealings with Russians?

If the Mueller report "totally exonerates" Trump as he claims, why is he so terrified to let us see it?


From: Knotpicky (RUTA)Apr-4 1:54 PM 
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Good questions. Keep pounding the Trump administration with them.


From: nightlight88Apr-4 11:18 PM 
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Who are these alleged committee members?

Why isn't Mueller disputing Barr's comments?

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From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostApr-4 11:18 PM 
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Mueller will testify before Congress.

At nearly 400 pages, that's a lot of material if it really "totally exonerates" Trump. And if the report really does "totally exonerate" Cheese Hitler, then why are they trying to so hard to bury it? Or try to keep it from coming out before the 2020 election?


It's obvious, of course. Trump doesn't want it out because he knows what's really in it.

(By the way, Trump keeps telling that lie about the New York Times. No, they were not forced to apologize, nor did they. So why does Trump have to lie so much, hmm? What's up with that? He even lies about where his father was born.)

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