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Happy Valentine's Day from Trump   The Stupid, It Burns

Started Feb-14 by Meta (DigYourGig); 29 views.
Meta (DigYourGig)

From: Meta (DigYourGig)


Sex, lies and prenups!

Donald Trump’s timeless wisdom on love.

Whether you think America’s 45th president is a first-class charmer, a sexual predator, just a crass Casanova or a wounded, stunted narcissist congenitally incapable of anything approaching actual love, one thing is for sure: About women, dating, marriage, commitment or lack thereof, the lascivious, adulterous, thrice-married Trump has had a lot to say.
To honor Valentine’s Day, we assembled a collection of Trump’s thoughts on the one subject that confounds everybody—except, of course, him.
A doily with a quote by Donald Trump that reads, “The only time you want your chick to have acne is if it's because she's a teenager.”