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From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostMar-22 7:29 AM 
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The Justice Department is quietly asking Congress to suspend Constitutional civil liberties using the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse.


DOJ seeks new emergency powers amid coronavirus pandemic

One of the requests to Congress would allow the department to petition a judge to indefinitely detain someone during an emergency.


From: Meta (DigYourGig) Posted by hostMar-22 7:32 AM 
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The Trump administration's quiet attempt to seize dictatorial powers isn't likely to pass the Democratic-controlled House. And at least one Republican Senator is also pushing back.


‘OVER MY DEAD BODY’: GOP senator appears to be a ‘no’ on AG Bill Barr’s reported plan to detain indefinitely without a trial


From: RGoss99Mar-22 6:27 PM 
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Predictable. Note that one can have many forms of Marshall law without suspending the Constitution.

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From: RGoss99Mar-22 6:32 PM 
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Adding - quuestion. There have been cases of ivil disobedience in London, but I have never Heard of any here in Spain or in the U.S. This seems like a catchall action to give the anti civil rights bunch what they have wanted for years.. 


From: RGoss99Mar-24 3:35 PM 
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Interesting disconnect. I have seen no evidence that th Justice department wants to suspend the Consititution, What they want to do is preempt congress deciding that a need to suspends parts of the Bill of Rights, should the need occur. At this point I have seen no evidence of need, and declaring martial law is a rather easy thing to do in an emergency, without going through Congress initially. It can be done incrementally at the State, county, or municipal level each at their own initiative. If some elements feel it is unjustified, the solution is a court or a higher legislature.


From: 6686L DelphiPlus Member IconApr-8 7:36 PM 
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"Suspend the Constitution"...?   Nothing new there - people opposing the draft during our civil war took control over Central Park, sent people out interfering with recruiting.  That great exponent of civil rights, President Abraham Lincoln,  did just that - soon as he could spare Union forces, sent them in to deal with protestors/draft dodgers, etc.


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