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Gun shows in neighboring states lead to jump in gun deaths   Culture & Society

Started 10/24/17 by DigYourGig; 1562 views.

From: RGoss99


Objection your honor, in logic, and law, this is what is called a complicated question and should be rephrased.

Reason being that this is a binary question that can not be honestly answered with a simple yes no answer.

If I say "yes" it implies all laws, enacted wheneveer, and where ever irrespective a to whether they are unambiguously appropirate, logical, or not, should be enforced.

If I say "no" it implies that existing laws, whether good or bad, etc. should not be a enforced.

If there is something which I literally said, simply restated it, then ask your question in that context.

Either way, your post is a dishonest way of not dealing with my point.