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Snowflake racists are upset over Prince Harry   Racists & Gun Nuts

Started 11/27/17 by DigYourGig; 413 views.

From: DigYourGig


Racists cry bitter tears after "bastard cuck" Prince Harry announces his engagement to biracial American actress Meghan Markle.

Knotpicky (RUTA)

From: Knotpicky (RUTA)


Awwww, the poor little babies, so traumatized by someone ELSE's life decisions.


From: Hector442


If the racists are that upset, they can flush themselves down the toilet


From: RGoss99


In an age where monarchy is an anachronism, royals have to act as sif they are relevant. Victoria down played divine right, in favor of model family.

However the model has changed, and so have the royals - corruption, divorce, sex scandles, marriage to commoners

(In Spain, king married to a modern woman, complete with teen shacking up with high school teacher, marriage, divorce, abortion - current news -

after several enerations of yachtsmen, the princess prefer badmitten). 

So, being PC, the next hurdle, is to allow a biracial marriage to a foreigner. - old story - in the past, royals made mistresses out of unapproved

consorts, now they marry them.

Sorry, it will take more then cosmetic marketing to save the monarchy. This story is right out of many Hollywood movies.


From: MSurkont


Politically and culturally it is good for Britain, and should be good for the USA.


From: MSurkont


What does Great Britain think?


From: RGoss99


Difficult to answer since Great Britain consists of three nations, four major religions, and several political parties.

England is stronger on monarchy then Scotland or Wales.

Episcopalians are stronger on monarchy then Protestants

Conservatives are stronger on monarchy then liberals or socialists. 

Parliament does not really reflect the average opinion in the U.K. 

We tend to see the world based on those with whom we associate, so if I took a poll of my friends, in the U.K. they would be anti monarchy, and the Scottish have not yet gotten over  Elizabeth as EIIR, which in Scotland should EIR since the present queen as the first Queen Elizabeth of both Scotland and the U.K.

There is a good and bad side to this. Monarchy to survive has had to adapt, to remain relevant, even if not popular. So for those in the middle who are ambivalent regarding the Queen, having the person 5th in line for the throne (after Charles {Wales}, William {Cambridge}, George {Cambridge}, Charlotte {Cambridge}) married to a commoner, who is half Black is a plus compared to most of the inbred royals  over history  Elizabeth and Philip are third cousins via Victoria,  and Charles and Diana are descendents of Henry VII, Charles II, and James II (racially there is a "dark skinned person in the woodpile") also in Diana´s ancestry also via America (but the Brits haven´t wanted to take about this - until now perhaps). 

Put another way the WASP Brits are probably not happy, the liberals and socialists are happy because this to them is one more step to irrelevance, so the so so middle probably think fresh air in Buckhouse is probably a good thing.  

Perhaps monarchies will out last me, but I doubt they wil the next generation.

Our previous king wore a military uniform, sat on the general staff, but was the first Spanish monarch not to tell Rome who he wanted as Catholic Bishops. The present king seldom wears a uniform, and doesn´t seem interested in who the bishops are (at his installation there was a noticeable absence of bishops and generals). When I moved here, his father had a palace for his personal use. The present king has a middle class home on the grounds (only the former queen uses it (she and the former king do not see much of each other)). the present king´s older sister is divorced with joint custody, the younger sister and husband have been demoted from duchess and duke to Mr and Mrs. And the Mallorquin parliament, which pays for the maintenance of the palace here, has decided to open part of its grounds as a public park. According to today´s paper, one party wants to expropriate the palace and turn itinto a student residence to make it easier for students from the other three islands to find lodging at our university. (this was today´s paper - have not heard a response on this. the issue is budged considering that local government has already turned overmaintenc of the gardens to recreation and parks department, which means that the 1.5 million spent on housekeeping for a palace only reserved a month a year, plus a few weekends for drop in visits, seems a bit high on an island where the majority are antimonarchist anyway, and wanted a referendum when the Franco appointed last king, appointed his son to be his successor. The last king where the people had any choice was right after WWI, when he was voted out and abdicated.