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Sexual harassment   Politics

Started 11/29/17 by Bike (URALTOURIST1); 434 views.



Now we are accusing Joseph the Carpenter of sexual abuse?  Or did you mean Sonny Bono?


From: MSurkont


If Mary (if she existed at all) was only 15 ...


From: Hector442


Having a conversation with Bike is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.


From: RGoss99


And Romulus and Remis´s "virgen birth" before that of Jesus is not?

G=G+1 for failing to provide an answer to the speific question, while

without any evidence attemptint to discredit mine.

Remember there is no evidence that Jesus or any specific person is the originator of the Virgin Birth story. 

The details are culturally determined but the concept is rather universal.

In the case of Arthur, in modern terms, the sister of a king was a sexual preditor and got herself pregnant by her brother.

Child was born in isioation, and fostered out. Dad was dead, mom was not talking, so a magic person invented a test that only arthur could pass, so he would be accepted as king.

There are some related mythical factoids, that are not bad psychology that can exaplain this story.

The first non fighting non farming occupation was smithing. Merlin got status because of his understanding the magic of metal working, something warriers and farmeers did not understnd.

So he, not the church, later story, organized the sword out of stone trick. As Arthur was his pupil, and knowing that all the logical candiate were into macho, he fixed the sword, so that no matter how hard they pulled the sword would not come out, when it was Arthur´s turn, he simply whispered in his ear, when you grab the sword don´t pull, just push down then pull, and it will come right out.

but be subtle unless they want a second try, so they won´t notice the trick, and you can get away with repeating it.

Merlin was smart in another way because he felt England did not need a thick headed jock as king, but a thinking man, who knew when to push and when to pull to get what he wanted.