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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 195770 views.

I was going to do a small brag about beating the US and being first in many things blah blah blah...  but is the Batshit thread the right place for such things?



From: gunter


Daniel Wells on Twitter


From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


gunter said:

The killing yards in the US are isolated from the eyes of the general populace

Years back I worked as a consultant for one of the US Auto Mfgs. I needed to inspect a truck and the driver worked at a slaughter house up in north central PA. I get there to inspect the truck and about every minute I hear Moooo and it stopped. Moooo and it stopped. It was creepy hearing that Mooo knowing what was going on in ear shot.

I finished that inspection in about 10 minutes flat and I was gone.

I get home about 3 hours later and my sweet wife cooked steak for dinner...........Moooo


From: gunter


Somewhere, here?, I read where a city father visited a farm with his preteeens who were totally awed by a bunch of piglets. They also loved the pork sausages from the farm's store.


From: gunter


The Age of Gender Fluidity ... that has a nice ring to it, don'cha think ...

Jerry (coelacanth55)

From: Jerry (coelacanth55)


This is nonsense.  This is just one momentary set of thoughts from the elite that run this country. I will grant that we need to treat children with issue of how they present their gender with care, but that doesn't mean presenting an unclear message to children. Children take things literally and we need to deal with that.  Our sex experts are mostly wrong.  Remember John Money and his effort to change a child's sexuality.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money  

In a century we will look at this generations ideas and laugh, but unfortunately those who have to deal with the results of our experts can't laugh.