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90 Miles West of Central Park   currents

Started 6/7/05 by Paul (SNOTZALOT); 62254 views.

From: bshmr


Most carnivores speak well of woodchuck, which appears to be what the young critter in a huge trap is, meat.  BTW, around here they don't live very long in 'live traps', not like raccoons or squirrels. 


From: gunter


I don't know. It just don't look appetizing to me. Important: Don't forget to remove the scent glands!!

Woodchuck Recipes

Woodchuck, also known as groundhog, should be handled in accordance with the general rules for game in the field. The blood should be drained, and the entrails removed and the body cavity wiped clean. When hung for 48 hours, they are ready to the skinned and cooked.

Woodchuck meat is dark, but mild flavored and tender. It does not require soaking; however, many people like to soak it overnight in salt water. If the woodchuck is caught just before he begins his winter sleep, there is an insulating fat layer under the skin. Remove excess fat. remove 7 to 9 "kernels" (scent glands) in the small of the back and under the forearms. Parboil the meat of older animals; cook by recipes calling for chicken or rabbit.

Transfer meat to 1 quart clear water and soak 4 hours. Drain and dry meat. Place meat in a baking pan. Add beef broth, soy sauce, garlic cloves, jalapeno, onion, chili powder, parsley, bouillon cubes and white pepper.



From: gunter


so ... did you actually do it?

What I REALLY want to know is... which one of you guys is Larry, and which are his brothers Darryl?


From: gunter


those were the days - Bob Newhart!

Yeah! I liked that one as much as the original. Loved the way they tied them together at the end of the second series.


From: gunter


Dinner tonight: Blood Sausage!

The yummie-looking pix of blood sausage on ebay was irresistible, Black Pudding (Morcela) from Portugal!  A link (the sausage kind) arrived a week later.  Just the partner for some equally black squid ink fettuccine, don't you think?  Lots of sliced garlic, onion. Tomatoes and green peas for color. Plus a couple of shrimp ... make that three each. Turned out to be surprisingly mild, note of cumin with a nice earthy taste, added more salt and freshly ground pepper.

Happen to have some Torres 5G Garnacha to go with it, it's from Spain which is close enough.  Very nice.

Product description: (search for morcela on ebay)

Black Pudding (Morcela)
The black pudding is a traditional smoked filled, consisting of meat and pork blood, fat, wheat and corn flour, salt, garlic, onions and other seasonings to taste. It is presented in the form of a horseshoe, is clamped at both ends by bandage with cotton yarn, has a brown color too dark, its mass is crumbly with moderately compact consistency, the fats are completely mixed in the mass not being possible to distinguish them from other ...


You are doing wonders for my diet (steals the shrimp of your plate)


From: Paul (SNOTZALOT)


Started March 12

Harvested Aug 14