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Batshit   currents

Started 2/26/16 by gunter; 195407 views.

From: gunter


DOJ released more details of the boxes they took, listing content such as photos, newspaper clippings, and clothing mixed with classified documents and other government papers.

There were 48 empty folders labeled with "CLASSIFIED" banners while another 41 empty folders were labeled "Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide." Nothing is known about the files originally in those folders.

It's  well documented FPOTUS tore up papers and flushed them?

The list is attached to this article:



From: greenie225


It is incredible to me that people actually believe TFP won the election.  This man has nothing better to talk about than Hillary.  Is he afraid she'll run against him if he actually manages to get nominated?

I'm just waiting for him to say "I am not a crook."  Lord help us.  We're in trouble.  

The first pardon he would give is to himself for treason.

But he won't win -- he can't win.  I don't want to run away from my country, but he will destroy our democracy if he has half a chance.  

How did we get here?  OK, we've never been the shining beacon of hope we wanted to be.  But this man and his followers are leading us down such a dangerous path.  


From: Albidone


In a response to Jim Jordan's tweet about Time Magazine aka "Top Secret" another member of congress responded by putting colouring out the Time Magazine and posting to "Gym" Jordan "Now do you see the problem" 

The current Republican party is a cult. 70% of Right wing voters STILL believe the election was stolen without a shred of evidence. EVERY single Trump/Giuliani claim was de-bunked our laughed out of Federal courts. 


From: gunter


greenie225 said:

But he won't win -- he can't win.

He'll try at any cost. The concept of demoracy is not something MAGA understands.  Some lady at Trump's rally I think was tried of hearing about Democracy all the time.


From: gunter


I did see that tweet, he's stuck with the Gym name from his days at Penn State, covering up the athletics sex scandal.

Adam Schiff on the other hand is stuck with 'Adam "Shifty" Schiff , watermelon head. Watermelon Head, he's a watermelon head, but no dummy' as per Trump during his last rally,

He also called Biden's semi-fascist speech the most 'vicious, hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president' while he's spent years doing just that.

Hillary Email 30000 bombed and smashed to smithereens! Bomb with a hammer, smashed her phone systems to smithereens


We all remember Trump descending on the golden escalator in 2015!

People are impressed with the red lighting behind Biden during his speech, turning him into the devil with aviator glasses to make him look tough. I actually like the look. Various politicians have been said to be the devil over these past years,I recall a mention right at the beginning of all this Batshit .

Boehner is going after Cruz big time, calls him Lucifer in the Flesh

Meanwhile I see that a Wisconsin gov candidate wants people to 'just be ready to get out on the streets with pitchforks and torches with how low the liberal media has become.'




gunter said...

Some lady at Trump's rally I think was tried of hearing about Democracy all the time.

I'm no trumpite, but she is correct, we are NOT a democracy, no matter how many times we hear it from most politicians and mainstream media.  We are a Republic.  As the saying goes, a democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what's for dinner.  Our founders didn't want that.


From: gunter


We are indeed a Republic. We democratically elect representatives to run our government, making it a Republic. We are not a pure democracy where the majority runs roughshot over each item on the agenda, which our founders were justly leery of. It requires a give and take among the representatives to run the country.

The democracy that nutty lady above and that MAGAs object to is the part where we elect our representatives. They do not accept democracy in that sense, they want only their people voting, and want a Dear Leader without regard or any deference to other views.

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From: gunter


So were was we with the documents Trump absconded ...

The affidavit didn't help.

FPOTUS demanded a Special Master. Each side picked two to pick from.  We'll see if there is an agreement on that. 

DOJ told the Judge that there are more missing classified documents (the empty folders?) Prosecutors say it may present a national security risk that merits investigation.

Don't really kow if it means anything but there are videos of boxes, looking much the ones the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago, being loaded into a private plane and flown from Palm Beach to Trump's golf club at Bedminster just three days after NARA asked for missing material back in May. 

It's obvious FPOTUS totally ignored any safeguards on how to handle classified material.  The documents hinted at simply would not be declassified at the wave of his wand and kept mixed with items of clothing and snippets of newspapers and magazine covers featuring his likeness.

still ... why ?


From: bshmr


Seems the 'others' frame has been bought into again -- all of the documents (more or less) are the property of the USAn Archives (since 1974) to prevent another Nixon-esque travesty. The magician's deception: watch the 'secrets' distracts from the fact that the 'secrets' were pick-pocketed from you (STS).