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Love & Light-World Update   Politics & War

Started Oct-25 by Zo (Arcanumist); 118 views.
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Zo (Arcanumist)

From: Zo (Arcanumist)


Due to the release of med beds, the entirety of the medical profession will undergo a complete change. Hospitals will become expanded clinics for advanced technology directed towards a healthy humane society.

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Zo (Arcanumist)

From: Zo (Arcanumist)


Our civil government will revert to its original constitution as existed before 1816. The incorporated United States government ceased its legitimacy by going bankrupt in October as listed in London, England.

By the constitutional edict of insurection, signed into effect by President Trump, the U.S. military is in full control. An alliance of numerous countries is taking down many civil governments around the world. Over 500,000 arrests are taking place by U.S. Marshalls and other world militaries. Our marshalls have been sworn in from members of the U.S. military.

The final and largest dumbs (deepest underground military bases) are being destroyed and the children are being rescued from the tunnel systems. The adrenochrome laboratories and supply chains have been eliminated.