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Bitcoin Price Recedes after Surge to $7,600

Started 11/9/17 by Franki 7775 (franki7775); 272 views.

Like all currency, there is always a dark web involved somewhere, like the American dollar being used to fund prostitution, illegal drug deals and other black market products. 

Here are just some of the most coveted items on the black market today:
  • Human Body Parts. ...
  • Exotic Pets and Animals. ...
  • Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery. ...
  • Prescription Drugs and Narcotics. ...
  • Weapons and Bombs. ...
  • Sperm. ...
  • Pirated Media and Computer Software. ...
  • People (Human Trafficking)

I don't know if you remember what happened a few months ago where some hackers attacked companies around the world and kept their information ransom through the wannacry virus software. They requested to be paid in Bitcoin as it is less likely to be traced than the other currency. So yes, there is always risk involve. 

I am not entirely aware if you would be able to buy a certain portion of a bitcoin or if it is only priced at a full coin.

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Re: buying bitcoin

I don't know either. I suspect not everything sells in even bitcoin values.