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Welcome to Arizona   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 6/6/20 by Jeri (azpaints); 25146 views.
MerlinsDad said:

I think one could safely and realistically state that the protests were not significantly spreading the virus.

and the fraction of the population actually participating in protests is probably relatively small, and they are happening in fairly open areas. Then who knows - tear gas and smoke and flame from burning police cars and dumpsters might kill the virus pretty effectively.


From: MerlinsDad


rocketman says:  "Then who knows - tear gas and smoke and flame from burning police cars and dumpsters might kill the virus pretty effectively."

not to mention being beaten by batons and shot with rubber bullets. 


From: MerlinsDad


Georgia's numbers for July 23

new cases today 4286    yesterday  3616     7 day rolling average for today 3314    yesterday 3495     total 156,588  trend appears to be stabilizing in the 7 day

deaths  today 25   yesterday 81  7 day rolling average for today 37  yesterday 35   total 3360   trend is still up

hospitalizations today 3157   yesterday 3077    7 day rolling average today 3179   yesterday 3032    trend is still up

positivities   7 day rolling average  8.5   GA  15.1

and occasionally from being run over.

At least so far there hasn't been a Boston Marathon kind of re-enactment. Because to someone bent on murder and mayhem, a big crowd of protestors is, to that kind of sociopath, a "target rich environment".

Maybe it's my survivalist movement nurtured paranoia, but as I saw pictures of these crowds blocking streets and traffic, right after thinking the next Reginald Denny might stumble onto this and get the crap beaten out of him, is how incredibly vulnerable everyone is to one fragmentation grenade lobbed into the midst.

And with either picture in my vivid imagination, it was practically a no-brainer to specifically try to stay more than 100 miles from any such thing. Throw in Covid-19, and I'm thinking, nope - want as many hundreds of miles between me and that stuff as practical.


From: MerlinsDad


You're right.  Tensions are very high.  It's a surprise that someone hasn't been seriously beaten with the batons simply because he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there could be a Reginald Denny situation.   .

You're also right.  Someone could take advantage of the large crowds, as Stephen Paddock did.  I don't even want to think about it.

and those kind of situations are just low hanging fruit ripe for the picking, for anyone who wants to set up a "false flag" operation to throw a lot of gasoline on the fire.

Let's say some people who could be mistaken for law enforcement with covered badges (or none visible) who commit extremely violent acts against people, then vanish.

And not just worry about explosive devices being used - picture one or two people with a lot of ammo who decide to just spray bullets into the crowd - agent provocateur, or even a rogue cop or two that have a scapegoat already picked out that will be the fall guy.

The middle of a riot is an excellent venue to do a mass shooting, and even have some good chance of getting away with it. And if someone is killed that the act can be blamed on, then there's a lot more confusion.

Then there's the Reichstag Fire kind of false flag operation. Imagine rogue law enforcement agents posing as rioters and setting fire to their own facility.

Maybe even truly stage an exchange of gunfire, where yeah, the "perp" is actually shot, cops are actually shot - live ammo used on both sides, but the "actors" are wearing effective body armor and maybe even shooting reduced load rounds so the impact of the bullets is not as severe. Even use dye packs to make the blood and "fatal wounds" look real. The "bodies" are hauled away and everyone else is convinced there was a shootout, and let the mutual retaliation begin, the violence escalate.

And of course, any bystanders in the wrong place at the wrong time who are actually shot and killed or badly wounded, crippled for life, etc. just throws in enough realism that even the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists might not realize that those who fired the first shots were actually agents provocateurs, acting as the match to ignite a full fledged shooting war.


From: Showtalk


Police are being beaten up as well because sentiment is against them.  


From: MerlinsDad


new cases today  4813     yesterday 4286    7 day rolling average today 3745   yesterday 3616    total 161,401    trend is up
that's a new high

deaths today  82    yesterday  25    7 day rolling average   today  44   yesterday  37    total 3442   trend is up

hospitalizations today 3135  yesterday 3111  7 day rolling average today 3157  yesterday 3077 trend appears to be flat

positivities US  8.6  Georgia 15.9 (both numbers are up)