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How risky is your behavior Covid-19 vs not Covid-19   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Aug-4 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 198 views.

Found this one while ago. Be sure and read the alt-text when you hover the mouse over the image.

First prize is a free ticket to the kissing booth

img alt="First prize is a free ticket to the kissing booth"
permanent link:



From: Showtalk


Darn, you can’t see the hidden text using a phone.

It seems to have stripped away the hidden text in the embed.

It said "First prize is a free ticket to the kissing booth"

I manually inserted it into the source but it won't display on this desktop either. (sigh).

Here's another one embedded via a different technique:
Oily House Index

This one, the hidden text shows up. I've forgotten too much HTML since I last hand coded stuff.

examining the source on the original site, it's title = "hidden text". D'oh! The rather thick HTML coding book is still packed in one of many tote bins I have not yet gone through.


From: Showtalk


It’s ok, I appreciate the thought.

no plans to race a scooter through a hospital with a mask over your eyes, I presume? - lol.

Or bungee jumping while performing sword tricks. No risk of Covid there - hahaha.