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Cracking redactions from the Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition    The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Oct-22 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 3545 views.

From: Showtalk


The nutshell of Common Core that parents dislike is that has the same standards for everyone. Low standards.  Dumbing down of everyone.


It's no wonder that we have so many young adults these days who, if they don't come from a wealthy family who can afford private schooling and tutoring, are so woefully unprepared to enter the workforce. It's no wonder so many American jobs are being filled by foreigners or outsourced overseas where people with the proper skills actually live. And thus it's no wonder that so many of the Millennials and GenZ types are saddled with a couple of decades of student loan debt, because they racked up most of that to learn what we old geezers learned in high school.

As a 16 year old I was calculating fuel consumption figures, wind triangles to get ground speed vs air speed and compass bearing correction angles to get an airplane safely from point A to point B.

A friend of mine regularly has to clean up jaw dropping installation messes and configuration messes on equipment that these kids who still don't know anything in their 30s have managed to totally screw up.

It's not that we have a generation of mentally handicapped. It's that we have a generation that was held down to the standards of the least capable 1 percent of the population who, a century ago, would have been institutionalized.

And thus we have wasted a staggering amount of human capital in the guise of trying to make everyone equal by chopping the best and the brightest down to the lowest performers, and 30 years later we wonder why they, all grown up, are increasingly in the lowest paid entry level jobs and embracing Communism as their salvation to meet their basic needs.

This is why I don't think that generation will ever be able to make America great again. They never got the basic tools to do so, and the few who do only did so by making an end run around the obstacles placed in their path.

Not any more than herding cats.


From: Showtalk


Those who are bright and motivated will rise to the top.  The ones in the middle have always struggled in school. Public schools are set up to work for both independent learners and for those with visible disabilities who get the lion’s share of special ed resources.  The rest are stuck.

Showtalk said:

Public schools are set up to work for both independent learners and for those with visible disabilities who get the lion’s share of special ed resources. The rest are stuck.

I'm kind of surprised to hear they don't hammer down the independent learners as nonconformists, and punish excellence because it would hurt the self esteem of those who consume most of the special ed resources (and lion's share of the entire school district budget).

I have encountered products of the public school system in their 20s and 30s (and now many pushing 40) who will just freeze like a deer in the headlights when a situation goes off script and no authority figure is there to tell them what to do.

So if the big boss is not on the drilling rig site, and suddenly the volume of drill mud increases to somewhat more than the volume being pumped down the pipe, they are likely to wait well too long before taking action, eating up precious seconds trying to get permission as the high pressure gas pocket they drilled into continues to push drilling mud out of the hole and expand and accelerate as the weight comes off of it.

By the time they finally get hold of someone to tell them to close the blowout preventer rams and pump as much mud densifier down as they possibly can to try and get enough weight on the gas to balance it, they've got the well blowing out with 10,000 PSI gas roaring out at supersonic speeds and the drill string coming out of the hole like an ICBM being launched.

My generation, upon seeing the mud volume suddenly increasing, wouldn't wait to get hold of the company man. We'd start closing the blowout preventer rams onto the pipe but not yet actually fire the charges that would cut the drill pipe (and sacrifice the hole), and start dumping sacks of drill mud powder mix into the fluid going into the mud pump intake as fast as we could, but not so fast as to keep it from getting wet before it went in, to get the fluid density up, and only once the pressure got up to about 4000 PSI at the wellhead, start bleeding off the gas that bubbled up to the surface - slowly - as it would behave like well shaken Diet Coke with a whole case of Mentos dropped in.

Once the rams are pinched around the pipe to contain the mud and expanding gas working its way up from 2 miles down like the flatulence of a thousand demons from hell, THEN we'd have someone letting the upper management know what was going on, as it might take any of them hours to get to the site anyway.

And ideally, we'd have gotten on it fast enough that the gas bubble could be carefully burped out once we were sure that plenty of mud had gone around it back to the bottom to weight the rest down. We'd let out small amounts of gas while the mud pumps kept on shoving the heavy stuff into the drill stem to make up the volume, and effectively do a "bottom kill" of the impending blow-out.

It would probably take a whole shift to burp out the gas that did reach the surface, and circulate the really heavy mud all the way through to carry out the remaining entrained gas. At that point the well would be stable again, with more fluid weight on the formation down hole than the ambient gas pressure down there.

At that point you slowly open the valves a little more to verify that the fluid out now equals or is even less than fluid in, indicating that you have balanced the downhole pressure - overbalanced, really, and you're putting some excess mud into the formation. Then you can keep on drilling and circulate some samples up for the geologist to monitor.

And you go until you reach the bottom of the pay zone, and with the heavy mud keeping everything safe, you finally open the well bore, run the last casing string down, insert the separator plug that comes out of the end of the pipe down hole, then pump in the cement.

The cement is enough volume to come ujp the outside of the casing to the surface, and then you put in the bottom plug, which is a rubber "pig" that separates the cement from more drilling mud.

You then pump in mud, which pushes the cement down the pipe to the well bottom, where it comes back up the outside to anchor the final casing pipe in place. You pump mud until the plug is within a couple of feet or so of the bottom, and then stop and let the cement cure.

Now the well can be properly perforated, fracked, and the rest of the completion done.

And some unappreciating hipster has fuel for his limousine or his luxury yacht as he looks down his nose at all the "little people" who are "ruining the earth" from his Gulfstream III en route to another luxury vacation of the week that most of us could never afford to visit in a lifetime.


From: Showtalk


That is the difference. Being a self starter and a problem solver, as well as a risk taker vs those who wait to be told what to do next with every important decision.

Showtalk said:

That is the difference. Being a self starter and a problem solver, as well as a risk taker vs those who wait to be told what to do next with every important decision

Those who wait to be told what to do will be the ones whose paralysis creates a very costly disaster when things go off script.


From: kizmet1


I was 9 and starting the 5th grade when I caused an uproar in my little school outside the city and my mother had to see the principal. My sin? Reading beyond the chapter assigned by the teacher. I had been encouraged to do that in my previous big city school.

From: Showtalk


I think many people are a mix. They wait for input for some decisions and action their own for others.