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Do You Approve Of Labradoodle Breeding?   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Oct-27 by kizmet1; 6129 views.

There are some that seem to think so.  It's good that you can make the separation.

Good yards like that are difficult to find now.  She needed one with him.  It worked out.


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Yes, she had the yard long before she got the dog,

Good thing.  She needs it.  

I just went out on the balcony.  It is getting colder here tonight. Right now it is 43 going down to 30.  Tomorrow night even colder...28.....Brrrrr... First cold night we've had in a couple of years.  I brought some plants inside but there were about 5 that I couldn't fit so I had covered them up late this afternoon.  The sheet I had doubled & used was blowing in the wind.  I had to tuck it down better & move the bottles I had holding it down.

I don't like cold weather!


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You don’t get much cold weather? I wonder why you are now. How are the plants holding up?

This is the coldest it's been here in a while now.  

I moved what plants I could inside.  There are about 5 that I didn't have room inside, so I covered them with a double sheet & weighed it down.  If they make it fine, if they don't, fine. 

It's 34 right now at 11 pm.  It is said that it will go down to 28.  Usually when they say that it will go lower.... lol.  I am cold.  Brrrr.


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That is cold enough.  I have some potted plants that are doing better than expected. Some should be planted in the ground as they will eventually outgrow the pots.

Of course everything I have is in pots.  I have one huge pot that I brought with me from my house.  When I had it there, I had three of them lining the sidewalk to my front door & they were full of Marigolds & beautiful.  I miss them.  Now it is full of Wandering Jew.  I can't remember the botanical name.  It will die off then come back in the spring.



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Spiderwort or Tradescantia.