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Need Technical Help   The Online You: Internet Life

Started 11/9/20 by kizmet1; 2537 views.
kizmet1 said:

It will consist of a one hour show I recorded on the tv using my 2T hard drive. The connections do not match each other. Is it possible? How long will it take?

It will be *very* slow to either email it or upload via a peer-to-peer private transfer. Videos often exceed a gigabyte. Most email simply can't handle it. Some might but I have yet to successfully do so.

The best bet is to set up DropBox if you have enough space with a new account to upload the video file, then you just email the recipient the link.

The other way is to create a private bit torrent, but you probably need a PC at each end, and while effective at transferring large files, is kind of like using a pipe wrench to drive nails when it's one person to one other person.

Best solution if time is adequate. Get a 64 GB or 128GB USB thumb drive. Get a "go cable" that lets you plug that into the phone if the master file is stored on the phone, and then copy it to the thumb drive, then put that in an envelope and mail it.

You might need to reformat the USB thumb to NTFS instead of the default FAT32, which has a file size limit of only 4.7 GB. Otherwise the FAT32 will truncate the file at 4.7 GB no matter how long the original is, and may corrupt it as well.

Another trick if you know how to set up a VPN tunnel, is have the other end set up an SFTP server, and then you can connect to it with a tool such as FileZilla, navigate to the directory on their machine, and upload the file. Again you are limited by the slowest of the connections - their internet speed they are downloading with, or your speed you are uploading with.


From: kizmet1


I have an old Vista computer and a win 10 laptop.Can't I just hook everything together to match? I just found p
My idea is better. Use a cd or dvd and snail mail.
It is ruining my education to have the library closed along with it's teachers and computers.
What if I loaded the hour from.the 2t hd onto a tablet? Could I send it that way? I found a "go cable" I bought awhile back but it is loose when I plug it onto the phone. It is tight on my samsung tablet. Why?

From: kizmet1


As long as you are here,.I have another problem.
I downloaded (with librarian's help) 2 history books. They are on my soon to be obsolete 3g phone. Will I be able to read them once Verizon, who owns my smart phone wires, gives up 3g phones at the end of the year?

Does the Win10 or Vista computer have a USB port? 2 USB ports?

If the HD out of the DTV box can be hooked up to a USB to SATA adapter cable / circuit board, then it ought to plug into a USB port and show up as a data drive. Plug a USB thumb into another USB port, and it should also show up as a disk drive.

Then just copy the files across.

Beware that a DVD also is limited to 4.7 gigabytes, same as the FAT32 file size limit.

So if any files on the HD are greater than 4.7 GB, to get them copied to a USB thumb, you'll have to format the USB thumb with an NTFS so it won't truncate your videos.

Then you can easily mail a USB thumb. You can pack a LOT of videos onto a 64 to 128 gb thumb, compared to how much hassle it is to burn a DVD.

Believe me, I've been down that road, and compared to how I do it now, it's a pain in the butt.

To directly watch the files, I'd strongly recommend they download and install VLC player. It digests nearly every video format I've thrown at it, and it behaves virtually identical on Windows or LInux platforms.

Someone gives me USB thumb drives and I fill them up with videos.


From: kizmet1


It is just one hour I want to put on a disc for posterity. Yes, all my computers have the ports, you suggested. There is also a 2 ended cord I have.
Can I just use a cord that fits my converter box on one end and plug the small end into my phone or tablet?

They definitely make one of these cords. It lets the phone's USB port function like a USB master, and then it can talk to another USB enabled device.

Then you can transfer it to something with a DVD burner to mail them the media.


From: kizmet1


I not only have a computer yo burn a DVD with, I have a fancy Sylvania VCR/DVD burner with very littlle use. Cost $50 on clearance. No one else wanted it. Sure, VHS were going out of style but the DVD burner was still there.

If it can read the video file from the HD, then burning the DVD should be relatively easy.


From: kizmet1


I thought of that but I do not know
the address of the person I am making it for. It is a matter of privacy. I have not turned on my computer in years but I suppose I could transfer the show to it and then put it on my tablet. It is the Vista with a tv screen.
I want to return to the nice
slow paced life I had before computers were invented.
kizmet1 said:

I have not turned on my computer in years but I suppose I could transfer the show to it and then put it on my tablet. It is the Vista with a tv screen.

If it's running Vista, it might not support the more modern video formats.

Usually i just fill up a USB thumb and hand it to the person to take home and watch.