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This is going to be a problem   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Nov-11 by Showtalk; 7934 views.
Showtalk said:

They feel good by requiring electric but what they are ‘t telling us is that they want us all out of individual vehicles.

Because with the next big pandemic, it will thin out the "lower classes" leaving the ruling elites to enjoy the automation they built which would replace ten billion slaves at their beck and call.

Can't control individuals until they are made sufficiently dependent on the collective that they will obey in exchange for getting their next meal, as opposed to being sent to the gulag.

China has already laid the groundwork, showing the elitists here just what capabilities can be wielded against we the serfs. And the elites are just positively orgasmic over the thought of how much new control and micromanagement they can exert in ways even Caligula and Nero, Hitler and Stalin, could have never dreamed of.

WALTER784 said:

everything Biblically written has either already come about or will come about in the future. And nothing we do can or will change it!

One of the assorted reasons that I have no children. It would be cruel to bring someone into the dystopia that lies in the future. And since I can't guarantee their future or hope of prosperity, it is probably best that I leave no descendants who will have to go through what is coming.


From: Showtalk


Please, no more “next” pandemics!

The elites did quite well for themselves during this one. It was such a cash cow for them that many of them kind of like how well they did for themselves. As for we the serfs, the ultra-rich elites say "let them eat cake".

It's hard to have much empathy for the elites at all when we know they hate us and view us with contempt.


From: Showtalk


Yes want to control everything.

They want to control everything, but they forget the lessons from history time and time again - when inequality rises and growing numbers of people believe that the system is rigged against them, then a growing fraction of the population believe the only solution is to violently raise a closed fist against the system.

The eventual fates of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette come to mind, as does what finally happened to the Romanov family a bit over a century ago.

But with social media, once the purges really begin in earnest, there will be all sorts of people who were not that prone to violence, who, suddenly seeing opportunity to settle a few scores, may engage in a lot of one-upmanship, sort of like what we saw in areas when ISIS took territory in Syria and Iraq, or what has happened in a few other failed states where law and order has given way to anarchy interspersed with regions of totalitarian rule by whatever warlord has gotten the upper hand.


From: Showtalk


People are using social media to fight one another.  The arena of the future.

Showtalk said:

People are using social media to fight one another. The arena of the future.

and like people watched the gladiators of old, some find the fights on social media, and destruction it wreaks, a modern blood sport entertainment.