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This is going to be a problem   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Nov-11 by Showtalk; 3252 views.
Showtalk said:

they speak in sound bytes and don’t expect it to apply to themselves.

Like a certain governor who imposed Thanksgiving lockdowns and then in a classic "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrisy, had a big lavish Thanksgiving with his own family.

I have been amazed at what I'm seeing with the Pi Aware.


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Which Governor is that? News I’m went to a big restaurant party but it was not on Thanksgiving. So did the mayor of San Francisco after shutting down her city.

Since I got PiAware running, which monitors ADS-B transponder signals from airplanes in flight, I've noticed a surprising amount of air traffic. Now whether those planes are anywhere near capacity is a whole other story. But, I have noticed a lot of those are FedEx and other package hauling aircraft at certain times of the evenings and early mornings.


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Deliveries are way up this year. It would be interesting to see if the number changes in January.

It still seems to be trending upward a little. Most likely because as people are still working from home and not really shopping at the various stores that they did in pre-pandemic years, more stuff is bought online because stores can't afford to carry a lot of the more niche market things in inventory.

I know I've ordered a lot more stuff in the past 6 weeks because I just don't have the time to hassle with trying to track down stock of an item in the stores.

this is now even more true for plumbing and electrical stuff. I don't need to have to rush in and try to beat the early closing time on "Covid Savings Time" and try to find the proper fitting or connector or spend $500 to cobble together what I truly need to adapt between out of the limited selection they actually have available, when I can search on Ebay or <spit> Amazon to find the exact single part needed to complete the job.

So if I need a 316 stainless steel 1.25 inch x dual 1 inch port T fitting to come from the water well to an agricultural sized water faucet outside the well house, I don't have to settle for galvanized or schedule 80 PVC. So I spend $15 on the correct fitting instead of $15 times maybe 8 to 10 for the 2 inch fitting they actually stocked plus a bunch of bushings and nipples and stuff to get from the 1.25 inch pipe to the 1 inch pipes it branches off into. And the installation is far more compact.

The really nice thing is, if I need something that isn't stocked at all by a big orange themed hardware store or a big blue themed hardware store, I'm not having to rush around in the midst of a weekday to try and find a part at a local place that only keeps bankers' hours.

I can figure out exactly what I need. I can go measure the thing, take pictures, come back to the computer and filter the search results from hundreds of vendors to find the proper size and shape and technical specifications. And if in doubt, I can open a new tab and ask google or DuckDuckGo for the thread pitch and taper specifications or the chemical compatibility of the materials.

Thus that's why I know for my hard water I need 316 stainless and not 304, and what specific pipe thread dope won't harden or cause corrosion when immersed in saturated calcium carbonate solution (dissolved limestone) coming out of the well, so the repair won't have to be re-done again next year.

And then even if it's 1 AM I can actually place the order. A couple of clicks, authorize it with PayPal, get confirmation, then lock the keyboard so the cats can't do things to the computer, and go straight to bed.

And then it's in the maibox next week so I can start upgrading the system.

Or like fixing the problem of having a dead battery in the truck every Monday morning. I got a disconnect switch. AutoZone didn't have the one that truly would get the job done. Neither did O'Reilly or Advanced. WaMart had one but it was a cheap thing that really didn't work well if there was any tension on the battery cables and it takes 15 minutes to connect and disconnect it.

So I looked around online. It was 2 AM on December 25th. I found the correct battery disconnect for the top post battery, and also for the side post battery on the Buick and the GMC vehicles. So I clicked those, added to cart, changed the quantity to handle every car and truck I have that presently or is likely to be driven again, since they were only about $7 each.

Nice thing about these is, I can connect a separate circuit upstream of the disconnect. That let me disconnect the vehicle electrical system totally from the battery but hook up a solar charge controller to the battery and lay a couple of solar panel on the roof of the parked vehicle, or set them in the windshield or back glass propped up on the seat or dashboard depending on how it's oriented, and keep the battery fully charged and topped off.

I installed 3 of them so far. This morning I went out to the Explorer, which has been parked since Thanksgiving. Pop the hood, close the battery switch, take the solar panel off the dashboard, stick the key in the ignition, and it started right up. I drove it into town to blow the cobwebs out of everything and cook out moisture condensation in the crankcase, got a gallon of milk and some cat food, and drove it back. Parked it where convenient to unload and disconnected the battery again.

I'd have never been able to do that if I was at the mercy of what WalMart, Target, O'Reilly, or even Tractor Supply stocked.

Same thing with the computer motherboard lat summer. I have a computer working properly again because I could find a motherboard to replace the one that crapped out when water got splashed in the machine while trying to escape the blast furnace heat. Best buy couldn't get one. They of course would be happy to sell me a new $800 laptop with all the modern spyware and stuff pre-installed.


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I agree online shopping has made everything easier now when items are hard to find and store hours are limited. But the downside is they are putting all the small and medium businesses out of business and  are becoming even more enormous than ever.  If they raise their prices (Amazon) we have no resource or alternative.  




I warned you about this months ago, and that it will get worse.  I also warned you that it in no way was only going to be the 15'ish days, that they would keep us locked down for months, if not years.  Now that they know the majority will bow to their tyrannical lock downs and the destruction of small and medium businesses, the locks downs will become permanent.  If more people don't stand up and say enough, there won't be anything on the shelves or online that we'll be able to afford.

The destruction of small and medium businesses is the destruction of the middle class.  No middle class, no freedom.  It basically becomes feudalism, or better known as communism now.

Oh btw... Your vaccine guy, Bill Gates.  He is buying up all the farmland across the United States.  I believe 18 states so far.  He talks about depopulation all the time, getting the population down to zero, his words.  At least Ted Turner said 500 million.  So what is Bill doing with all of our farmland, our food?  Your guess is as good as mine.


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