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Crazy, inept Mayor poll. My city Mayor is...   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Nov-23 by Showtalk; 12364 views.

Thanks I liked that too.  Saw it an grabbed it...lol

It finally thawed out completely on Friday February 19th.

Now we are actually having to run the air conditioner


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From one extreme to the other.  Do you usually get heat waves in March?

They opened up the eligibility for 50 to 65 as we, so I got mine and Alicia's scheduled for Tuesday. 2nd shot is early April.

They probably think that the virus is just a plot by the Illuminati to bring about the New World Order. Or maybe it's to suppress the population to where when they reveal the lizard people really rule things, there won't be as much resistance - hahaha.

Or maybe the virus was engineered by the lizard people who really rule things. <shrug>

Showtalk said:

The death rate is only part of the story. A young man I’ve known for years (family friend) was one of the first to get Covid in March 2020. He was always an athlete. He never fully recovered and he was in excellent health and shape.

Long Covid.

I'm a lot more afraid of becoming disabled from something like Covid, than I am of dying. I've known of people who developed other ailments from year 1 B.P. (Before Pandemic) and earlier, who then spent well over a decade pretty much dependent upon others for everything. Unable to hold a job, unable to even keep up with basic hygiene and such, they are alive, technically.

Because they eat, they breathe, they excrete waste, and even carry on a conversation but they lie there watching the months and years slip by, unable to participate in any meaningful way. Just a trip to the toilet is as exhausting as climbing to Camp 4 on Mt Everest.

I don't ever want to end up like that. I'd prefer to just, when it's my time, to keel over and not be found until sufficient decomposition has set in that they won't waste thousands of dollars on an ambulance ride to another tens of thousands in futile care in the E.R. before finally pronouncing.

Then I've heard horror stories about the inside of a nursing home ever since I was young enough to be decades away from worrying about "long term care". Nope. Do not plan to see the inside of one as a "lump of meat" to exist warehoused in my final months at a cost of 5x to 10x the median wage, lying in my own pee and crap for days waiting for some minimum wage worker to get around to changing my sheets and hoping the end comes soon.

It's not just alive vs dead - it's what kind of quality of life is left after certain types of illness or injury. From an estate planning standpoint, there are trajectories that are worse than dying right away.

we have sometimes gotten heat waves in February as well.

we once had 8 inches of snow fall from Good Friday through Easter Sunday when Easter fell in mid April, nearly a month after 87 degree days in early March. Everything had bloomed and leafed out. I still have pictures of 2 black cats out in the snow trying to sneak up on birds and confused as to why the birds seemed to be able to see them long before they got close.

Earliest over-90 degree days were before Valentine's Day in the early 2000s. Latest hard freeze was May 1st a couple or 3 years ago.

we came within 4 degrees of actually hitting 100 in February that year of the earliest heat wave, and in Wichita Falls, it allegedly reached 98. Somewhere I have a picture of 3 different outdoor thermometers that showed 96 degrees F outside with a date / time stamp in the picture from the camera. I keep thinking it was 2008 but can't be sure until I search through some old hard drive backups.


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It’s good that they are reaching as many people as want to take the shots.  They claim it will be open to everyone by April 1 but I don’t see that happening.


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It seems to always track back to a lab...


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That happens so rarely.  I know many many elderly people, and I don’t know of anyone who ended up in a vegetative state.