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Would you get a Covid-19 vaccine if you could only get one dose?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Jan-11 by Showtalk; 6114 views.

At least in Midland and Odessa, you show up where they have a mass vaccination clinic with proof of age, and it moves through almost as efficiently as Army boot camp in 1942. There is a line, it moves fast. Someone checks your ID. They scan that into a database for the "first vaccination". Right next to that machine, a printer spits out a card for your 2nd shot.

Then you go to "chair # n". someone comes and swabs the arm. Needle stick. Done. Come back on day on the card.

That's what an elderly co-worker said it was like. Now they lowered the age from 65 to 50, and will probably reduce it another decade in another month.

so i signed up to get it. Hopefully notification won't get lost in the spam folders.


From: WALTER784 


Navy boot camp 1977... they had everybody lined up... no needles, but air shot vaccinations.

As we walked through the line, we were hit on both the left and right arm by about 6 or 7 people each. (i.e. 12 or 14 shots total).

No scanning, no printed out number, no going to any seat... we were just walking through a line.

If second shots were required, we lined up again on another day and repeated the process.

Drill Chief ensured everybody was in line and in the right order! (i.e. nobody missed)



From: Showtalk 


Ours opened up as well, even down to young adults if they have a medical reason for an early vaccine.  Each shot site is different.  We have a few like you mentioned, where others are going to pharmacies.  I’m cities like NY where the infection rate has spiked, FEMA uses the military medics to run the sites and give the shots.  It’s very efficient and fast.


From: Showtalk 


You didn’t need to be scanned, they already had all your information on file.

Those were the days, before all the people scared of their own shadow were even born, much less educated indoctrinated with their phobias.

I heard on the news this evening driving home that in Texas, they opened up eligibility for shots for anyone 18 and up, and will include 16 to 18 next week or so.


From: Showtalk 


Then it will be over soon. 

Some people I know in their 40s and a few in their early 30s got their first shot already.

And of course there's that percentage of anti-vax types who won't get it, ever. Those are the ones that maybe could be tattooed with a scarlet letter or something so the rest of everyone could keep their distance from them and their cooties biohazardous exhalations.

It's actually because of the anti-vax fanatics that now it's possible for those who may only have mild symptoms if they catch covid, but might become super-spreaders, to get vaccinated and thus put a lot more barriers in place against rapid spread.

But it will still circulate and continue to mutate among the anti-vax types, who will remain a continued reservoir and disease vectors responsible for ongoing outbreaks of new strains that can again scythe through the population again and again, much like how the Black Death kept coming back several times throughout the Middle Ages..


From: Showtalk 


People who don’t get a mass vaccine always survive due to everyone else getting a vaccine or immunity.  We are seeing measles outbreaks coming in from other countries and people who were never vaccinated who never got it before are now in danger. The same could be true of covid,

Herd immunity.

It requires a certain critical percentage of the population to be vaccinated to deny a new outbreak enough hosts to spread into a pandemic.