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966 Deaths from vaccine   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Mar-15 by WALTER784; 15240 views.
Showtalk said:

A few are getting Covid who are not at high risk and who are fully vaccinated. They aren’t sure why

when you have a large enough sample size, there will always be a few statistical outliers. Probably there are more infection mechanisms that aren't fully understood, which result in a few breakthrough cases.

Still it's far, far less than the numbers one could have without vaccination

Another wild card though, is the mutations that keep emerging.

The IOC still insists on going through with the Olympics, while japan is in the midst of yet another outbreak, and the assorted new variants can mingle and possibly some can slip past vaccination defenses, and here we go again having to roll out a new booster vaccine specific to the new strains.


From: Showtalk


Are the boosters for new strains or because the vaccine wears off?  They said the current vaccines hit all strains of the virus.

Showtalk said:

Are the boosters for new strains or because the vaccine wears off? They said the current vaccines hit all strains of the virus

I think it's technically because the immune system slowly lets its guard down over time. But the version the drive-by media said was the new mutant strains may have a slightly different protein spike structure which won't trigger the immune system response that the vaccines have primed it for, so as it continues to mutate, modified vaccine booster shots would be needed to prime the immune system for the new strains.

However, there would probably be a partial response to the mutant strains after vaccination for the original strain. One might get sick but not as sick as if not vaccinated at all.

But then there's so much misinformation out there, and so much anecdotal and speculative info that it's more of just an educated guess.


From: Showtalk


It seems that booster would tend to keep the disease in check, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Showtalk said:

It seems that booster would tend to keep the disease in check, which isn’t a bad thing at all

And there is evidence that one can mix and match vaccines for a booster. Such as one fully vaccinated with the Phizer vaccine could get a booster of Moderna maybe 9 months later.

With the new mutations running around thanks to the anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-distance crowds, we will probably continue to see mutations in circulation for decades, and need periodic boosters that have been modified to deal with the new mutations as they are discovered and sequenced.

However the time between discovery of a new strain and a vaccine modification to counter it is shorter than ever before in history, so we can get way ahead of the disease spread. This was not possible until the development of mRNA type vaccines.

And it is only thanks to a couple of decades of research into mRNA as a treatment for assorted diseases, that the technology was available at just the right time. Had Covid broken out 15 to 20 years ago, it would have been far more devastating just because it would take at least 5 to 10 years to get a workable vaccine using old school methods.

In that respect we are incredibly fortunate.

And now it looks like there is growing evidence again that maybe Covid-19 escaped from a laboratory, as more stuff comes out about lax safety protocols at the Wuhan lab, and that they apparently were studying bat coronaviruses. Although of course Fakebook is still kowtowing to the Chinese government and censoring everything about it. But that's one reason I assume that platform mostly is dedicated to covering things up and stifling any real debate or scientific methodology to question dogma.


From: WALTER784


And don't forget, of the 34,204,374 Coronavirus cases in the U.S. 28,103,491 recovered and there were 612,203 Deaths.


I've heard that the 28,103,491 who recovered don't necessarily need to get the vaccination because their bodies have built their own immunity and as such, don't need booster shots either.

Now whether they will get a new strain in the future, is not yet known.



From: Showtalk


One interesting biting fallout is that even Facebook has been unable to keep the truth from getting out.  


From: Showtalk


People who recovered may not be able to get the same strain but they aren’t surge how much the immunity covers or will in the future.  Of those who recovered, many have ongoing health problems that could be lifelong.