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How much is gasoline at the pump where you live? (current week cheapest you have   The Consumer You: Marketplace

Started 4/12/21 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 7717 views.
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I actually topped the tank Saturday at $2.659 a gallon but then that was at Sam's Club, with the 5 cent discount either with a Sam's card or using a WalMart credit card.

However, most gas stations are about $2.75 while right on the Interstate I've seen closer to $2.95.

This is in Odessa. In Midland, I saw prices that seemed to have a floor of about $2.85 and the highest was $2.99.The $3 barrier is what market analysts call a "resistance ceiling", but once it breaks $3 going up, that $3 will quickly turn into a support floor.

Gasbuddy.com is a useful tool, especially the mobile app, to discover the best gas price in an area.


From: Showtalk 


You live in oil country. It’s much higher in other urban areas.

Still, Midland-Odessa and El Paso have the highest gasoline prices in Texas as of Monday or so..


From: Showtalk 


Most of the votes so far are groups in the low end or the high end.  Not much in the middle.


From: WALTER784 


California high gas prices...

High land prices...

High taxes...

Home to many illegals...

Home to many Homeless...

Sanctuary State... not just cities...

Home to the big Calex!!!

So why does this NOT surprise me?




From: Showtalk 


You are right,

Probably the high end are in California, where they have to produce a special blend that is found nowhere else, and thus is much more expensive.

Low end is probably in some areas very close to refineries but with a lower cost of living than oil boom areas.

Showtalk said:

Votes show it’s over $4 a gallon somewhere. I found this https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/gasoline-prices-in-california-approaching-4-per-gallon/

Probably headed for 5 a gallon soon.

In other news, people are packing up and fleeing California - at least those who can afford to, and have opportunities elsewhere. So it is leaving behind the most destitute and more dependent class as the "brain drain" and "wealth drain" picks up steam.


From: Showtalk 


That’s what I’m finding when I search on gas prices.  Does the California blend do anything helpful? If so, why don’t other states adopt it?