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Should the 2021 Tokyo Olympics be cancelled?    The Pleasure Seeking You: Entertainment & Sports

Started May-17 by Showtalk; 157 views.

Poll Question From Showtalk


Should the 2021 Tokyo Olympics be cancelled?
  • Yes, due to Covid8  votes
  • No, they can be held safely4  votes
  • I don't know2  votes
  • Other0  votes
Yes, due to Covid 
No, they can be held safely 
I don't know 

I would say it depends on vaccination percentage of the spectators and athletes. If it's too low to have herd immunity, or there's evidence that the new strains are infecting those who have been vaccinated.

There are many countries that are still locked down, that likely will not be able to field a team. Thus many will not have a chance to participate. India comes to mind.

We in the U.S. are incredibly fortunate that vaccine is available readily, here. Mexico, it's a whole other story. Same for various other places around the world, even some of the European nations.

Others only kept the spread down by massive isolation - New Zealand and Australian spectators and athletes may be not allowed to come home.

The_Rock (JABRONI256)

From: The_Rock (JABRONI256) 


Voted yes, I don’t see any way they can have it at even down the road a piece, I think it’ll be delayed indefinitely.


From: WALTER784 


Japan only started providing vaccinations to the general public since Apr 2021. And there was also a 2 week delay in the roll out due to adverse conditions since starting the vaccinations.

To date, less than 1/3rd of the Japanese have received their first vaccination shot. Only a small minority have received their 2nd shot.

The IOC still has yet to declare that the 2020 postponed Olympics should be postponed another year.

72% of the Japanese people feel it should be postponed another year.

Should it be held this year, they have determined that there will be no spectators/fans/supporters, only the participants and their staff!

Currently, Tokyo, Osaka and 5 other areas throughout Japan are in lockdown status due to the recent increase of the N501 strain of the India COVID spread while numerous other areas are also considering whether to go into lock down or not.

There are currently over 6,000 new cases reported daily throughout Japan: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/japan/

Japan has been working to host the Olympics for the past 5 years including building massive complexes to house the millions of spectators.  Olympics usually provide the host country with a robust influx of foreign customers to the local eateries, hotels, tourist spots, etc. But if no spectators are allowed this year, that will severely hurt the Japanese economy.

The Chinese are all for holding the 2020 Olympics in 2021 to purposefully hurt the Japanese economy. Should the even be postponed until 2022, numerous otherwise losses could be recovered.

Personally, I feel the Olympics should be postponed again until 2022!