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Are you worried about a meat shortage due to hacking?   The Consumer You: Marketplace

Started 6/1/21 by Showtalk; 1651 views.

From: Showtalk 


They should do what they please when possible if it doesn’t  hurt others, and leave everyone else alone.  I know someone who sells and eats alternative food products. She made me try it once and it is dark greenish brown and tastes like sweet sludge.  It’s also expensive.  She claims it has saved her life. She lost weight and looks better than she did, but to do that she gave up meat, dairy, wheat, all sugar and most fat.  None of that seems remotely healthy.    


From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


What is alternative food products?

Before they released the GMO and other toxins, how many people did we know that was obese and had huge stomachs?  Not many.  We used to have a few that we called chubby, but they weren't obese compared to nowadays, and it never was the majority.  How many people did we know that was ill all the time, and on pharmaceutical drugs constantly?  Not many.  Look at our elderly, it's insane the amount of drugs they take.  My grandmother, before she died at 94, never took all those pills, my mother did, she was ill constantly no matter how many drugs her doctor kept giving her.  She died at 75.

Kissinger: "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

They call us 'useless eaters'.  They want us gone, and this time, they have the majority of Americans so dumbed down, that anything on the mainstream media, including their paid for doctors, most Americans will believe it has to be truth.

If mainstream media says it's great, it probably isn't.  It's usually a lie, or the twisted truth.  If they demonize it and say it's bad, it probably isn't, it's usually a lie, and definitely twisted.

China said in a recent conference, the virus put the Americans BACK IN THEIR PLACE!  They (Americans) shut down, we (China) opened up.  We (China) rule the Americans now.

However, there is an inside war going on.  They put China in place in the 40s to destroy the United States by taking all of our industry and manufacturing, and to take out the middle class, but not rule over us.  These elites want that power, but China isn't going take their crap now that they are a powerful country.  China became too big for their pants.

Personally, hacked their meat company computers. No, I don't believe it.  If they even got hacked, which I seriously doubt, they have already broken the food supply chain anyway. 

I told you over a year ago, this would happen.  That Americans needed to take off that STUPID mask and go back to work, go back to socializing.  And the things like oxychloroquine, zinc, vit D & C work, and many doctors continued to use it with perfect results.

I told you back when they first imprisoned us in our homes and called us unessential humans, that it would not be 15 days, that it would be another month, then another 2 months, then a year.  It was all planned.  All of it.  I'm not that smart, and I don't have ESP, and I can't make any of this stuff up, so how did I know exactly what they would do?  But you would not believe me, you even accused me of being a conspiracy theorist.

You really don't believe evil Bill Gates buying up 100s of 1000s of acres of our prime farm land is because he now wants to be a farmer, instead of a vaccine producer/over lord pusher?  Bill Gates is a eugenicist, and has said over and over and over again, for well over 20 years, he wants to get the population down to Zero.  At least Ted Tuner and the others want it down to 500 million.

Ransomware attacks should be treated exactly like terrorism. Treat those who unleash these attacks exactly as if they had hijacked airliners and flown them into buildings.

We need to hit them hard and show no mercy. We need to end any regimes that give them shelter, and we need to disrupt / interdict those who train them, those who facilitate them and those who profit from them.

Those who profit from them should have a price placed on their head. They may use a keyboard rather than, say, hijacked airplanes, but they are really just as destructive and need to be treated as such.

Dee (DLAINEDEE) said:

What is alternative food products?

Soylent green, in the not so distant dystopian future


From: Showtalk 


True, it doesn’t matter what they hack, it’s all dangerous for someone. 


From: Showtalk 


It’s here now. Plant based but still a take over of food choice.

I remember the soy burgers of the 1970s that were served in the school cafeterias. You could absolutely tell the difference, and they served those because they were cheap.


From: Showtalk 


The new style soy products taste like real meat but we talked about them before. They have additives.


From: WALTER784 


Meat Eaters Hit Hardest as Inflation Sweeps U.S. Grocery Aisles

(Bloomberg) -- Inflation is landing in America’s refrigerators -- and it’s hitting meat-eaters most of all.

About one in three U.S. adults say they’re spending more on groceries than they were at the start of 2021, according to a Morning Consult survey of 2,200 U.S. adults conducted May 17 to 19 for Bloomberg News. Red meat was the ingredient cited most often for its higher prices, with chicken right behind.

Food inflation has been inching up for months, driven by soaring commodity costs, costlier transportation and challenges securing labor. Rising demand for meat, from home cooks as well as from the booming fast-food industry, has buoyed prices, too.

“We’ve got these pockets of inflation without having corresponding wage growth, and that’s going to put consumers in a really tough spot,” Morning Consult economist John Leer said in an interview.

To save money on their rising grocery bills, about a quarter of U.S. shoppers say they have started buying fewer items overall during the pandemic, including less meat.

Rising grocery bills also appear to disproportionately impact shoppers of color. More than 40% of Hispanic and Black respondents reported higher grocery costs since the start of the year, while most White Americans reported no change in spending.




From: Showtalk 


I have no rise in grocery bills because if the price of something goes up too much, I buy something else.  It helps to do your own cooking vs buying convenience foods, because not all foods in the original state are pricier.  Prepared foods are.