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How Many Democrates Does It Take To Chan   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Jul-16 by WALTER784; 197 views.

From: WALTER784


How Many Democrats Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

ANSWER: 5,447

14 White House aides to appear on the Sunday morning news shows denying that the light bulb is burned out.

8 White House aides to blame the previous administration.

4 major news anchors to call the Republicans mean-spirited.

243 children to stand behind Clinton as he explains the impact of burned-out bulbs on our children and how the mean-spirited Republicans want our children to grow up in darkness.

1 First Lady to say that changing a light bulb takes a village.

9 Hollywood stars to testify as experts because they played a movie role in which they changed light bulbs.

103 US Representatives to tell us that only Washington D.C. really knows how to change a light bulb.

1 President to tell us that he feels our darkness and has 18 new federal programs to prevent burned-out light bulbs, and that he has vivid memories of black light bulbs burning out during his childhood in Arkansas.

42 Cruise missiles to take the heat off the burned-out bulb.

1 campaign advisor to recommend the use of red light bulbs.

1 Vice President to inform us of the environmental impact of changing a light bulb.

2 White House advisors to devise a tax on those who are unfairly able to change their own light bulbs.

1 dead White House lawyer who can be blamed for anything that can't be pinned on the Republicans.

5,000 Bureaucrats to make sure that the bulb is changed correctly, doesn't offend anyone, doesn't impact the environment, doesn't unfairly benefit one group, doesn't harm anyone during the installation, and is up to 1945 specifications for light bulbs.

1 White House ghost who can retrieve the light bulb files that no one else knows anything about.




From: Showtalk


A true story.


From: WALTER784


Showtalk said...

A true story.

Yep... and that one's quite old too... did you notice they mentioned Clinton as POTUS!

So perhaps those numbers need to be revised a bit more upward these days! (* FROWN *)