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Absolutely Everything   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Jul-26 by WALTER784; 76 views.

From: WALTER784


Absolutely Everything

During one of his weekly sermons, a preacher made the statement that absolutely EVERYTHING is mentioned in the Bible. After his sermon, a woman approached him and smugly said "I beg to differ with you, but I don't think the Bible mentions anything about PMS."

The preacher was perplexed by this statement, but also quite challenged. He told the woman that he would research it and provide an answer the next week.

One week later, after the Sunday sermon, the woman asked the preacher if he had been successful in locating any reference to PMS in the Bible. The preacher smiled and said "I believe so," and showed her the following Biblical passage:

"...and Mary rode Joseph's a$$ all the way to Bethlehem."