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Transitory inflation... what does it mea   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Jul-28 by WALTER784; 377 views.

From: WALTER784


Transitory inflation... what does it mean?

Fr those of you who understand the economy, this makes a lot of sense. For those who don't... please try to understand that prices that are now going up... aren't going to come back down! (i.e. It's not transitory!)

Record-Breaking Inflation (What They're Not Telling You)



From: Showtalk


Everything they are doing raises inflation which means it’s planned that way or at the very least, expected.


From: WALTER784


Showtalk said...

which means it’s planned that way or at the very least, expected.

Correction: It's planned that way or at the very least, and thus expected.


There is also a phenomena, at least for some commodities where one can shift to a different alternative, called "demand collapse".

this is happening now with lumber and somewhat with copper, because the sharp spike in prices has caused people to postpone or cancel a lot of construction projects.

While it hasn't imploded yet like a true bubble burst, prices have retreated quite a ways from the spikes of a couple of months ago.

Now with Delta cases scything through the unvaccinated population and breakthrough cases showing up in some of the vaccinated, a whole lot of stuff is fixing to change in ways that may be difficult to forecast.




$1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S) said...

Now with Delta cases scything through the unvaccinated population

It's so hard for me to believe you buy into that lie.  It's a lie.  All the experts except those on that evil tv, have said, it is the vaccinated that are incubating the variant and then spreading it to everyone.

Go back to the HIV epidemic in the late 70s, early 80s.  Fauci and his evil scientists talked many homosexuals, in those bath houses, into taking his hepatitis vaccine.  It was laced with HIV.  Once the epidemic started, he had the perfect cure, that AZT drug, which killed more people then HIV did.

Why would anyone trust Fauci?  Bill Gates in all his TED talks, said, he needs more vaccines to lower the population.  Why would anyone trust Bill Gates.

Americans have the worst memory on this planet.




Of course it's planned.  It's called hyper-inflation.  Or the law of supply & demand.  Send everyone home, give them a few more carrots on a string then they would make on the job, causing many to not want to go back to work.  And they know this.  Break the production chain, which breaks the supply.  Print trillions of  the petro dollars, backed by nothing, devaluing the dollar a lot.

Why do you think the globalists/elite/billionaires now trillionaires are buying up the gold and silver, land along with islands, and many hard assets.  A good way to dump the dollar without letting the useless eaters know the truth of what is coming.

Oh, I forgot, --> No way, that can't happen in America.


From: WALTER784


Yep... and I do remember Kissinger saying that too.

It's been on the wall for quite some time now... very few people believed it and today... very few people have heard of it... but it's coming full throttle forward in the very near future.

Sad thing is... once people realize it... they won't be in any kind of position to do anything about it!



Well,, I heard on the radio today, a caller said that insurance may have the final say. Already there are clauses in most health policies that won't pay for illness or injuries incurred during the commission of a crime - such as, say, you rob someone and they hit you back with a broken bottle and it requires 140 stitches and emergency surgery to keep you from bleeding out.

the theory with Covid is - you are perfectly free to not get vaccinated, to not maintain basic precautions to prevent catching it. But, they said, if you catch Covid while unvaccinated, then you are perfectly free to go to the hospital or doctors for treatment, but better get out the checkbook because it's gonna be expensive.

[ed to insert ] He pointed out that they already can charge higher premiums for smokers over non-smokers, and can and probably will start charging a lot higher premiums for those who have not gotten a Covid vaccination, or just start dropping coverage entirely [end of insertion]

The caller went on and said it's kind of like driving drunk. You can get away with it a few times, but when you get caught, you are liable for all the fines and other stuff. And if you end up in a crash and injure or kill someone, you're on the hook for all the civil liabilities that flow from that act of recklessness, to make the other party whole again.

He said that if someone wants to avoid vaccination for "whatever Q-anon inspired tin foil hattery they choose to believe", then the rest of us should not have to pay for the consequences of their behaviors. And then he went on and said - if such a person then transmits the disease to someone else, and it can be proven forensically that he or she did, then that person's insurance should sue to recover all of the insured's expenses from the person who gave them the disease.

Said there's already plenty of tort law precedence. Bankrupt a few vaccine refusers in civil court, where the standard of proof is much, much lower than the standard of proof in a criminal case. And the U.S. is already the most litigious nation on the planet.

He went on to say that some of the anti-vax crowd is going to put some trial lawyers' great-grandkids through Ivy League educations and buy a few yachts and luxury aircraft.

But if the person gets it and dies, then essentially the hospitals and doctors can file suit against the deceased's estate to recover the costs of the deceased's final medical expenses, and any people who the deceased transmitted disease to can also sue the estate for damages.

[edit to insert] He then channeled Dirty Harry - "You feeling lucky, punk? Go ahead. Make my day. See you in court."