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Gender Ideology Run Amok June/July 2021   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Jul-31 by WALTER784; 2966 views.
Showtalk said:

They can’t graduate conservative PhDs.

Not in the US.

Not any more.

Actually a PhD these days is more of a liability in terms of available jobs, and salary levels and overall employability. It just provides more of a mismatch between the skillsets people are digging themselves hundreds of thousands in debt to acquire, and the skillsets needed to earn a living wage in the modern world.


From: Showtalk


Unless the field requires one like psychology.

Or medicine. Some complex jobs require a lot of education to develop competency and then constant refreshing of that knowledge as the state of the art continues to advance.

A lot of medical standard treatments in the 1970s are very obsolete today, for example.