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Have you ever driven a manual shift t...   The Social You: Interactive

Started Nov-21 by WALTER784; 447 views.

From: WALTER784 


Well, I don't think the police go around checking whether you have an automatic or manual license, but if you had an automatic only license and got in an accident in a manual shift car... I don't really know what might happen. I've never heard of such a case although there might be one I don't know of.

It's basically to cut down on the cost of the driving school expense. It's $400+ cheaper to get an automatic only license.

Both my wife and I got ours before they came out with the automatic only license so we can drive both.



From: WALTER784 


Jeri (azpaints) said...

Only 3 days?  Wow, your dad was a nice guy!

LOL... but the 3 days were just 2 days for the part to arrive at the car shop and 1 day to put it in.

Like I said... my father did the exact same thing when he was my age (17yrs) and broke his spider gear. So he more or less understood and didn't really punish me other than not let me use his car instead. (* LOL *)


Marlin (LINLEE)

From: Marlin (LINLEE) 


Showtalk said:

Of course! Hasn’t everyone?

Not everyone. My sister and all 4 of her children have only driven automatics. Even the mid 50s International pickup her fiance owned was an automatic.

I learned on an automatic. The only manual transmission I drove was a lawn mower. A week or two after I got my license I asked to borrow the car. Dad said he needed it so I asked to borrow the pickup. I did fine at first. Then I started getting cocky and tried speed shifting. I would mess up and grind the gears. After I calmed down and stopped trying to be fancy everything went smoothly.

I'm considering getting a Jeep Wrangler for off-roading. A manual transmission is one of the features I'm looking for


From: Showtalk 


I know. I don’t even know if most of the young adults I knew when they were growing up can drive a manual.