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Oops! Cal Berkeley did the unthinkable!   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Nov-28 by WALTER784; 89 views.

From: WALTER784


Think about this for a minute... Cal Berkeley should NOT have tested the vaccinated but they did... and the results turned out horribly for them... and probably many others driving the narrative that only the unvaccinated are spreading Covid!!! It's another deceive the public slight of hand!!! The portion in red sort of blasts their hand out of the water on taming down vaccinated Covid positive results... the guidelines haven't been updated yet to hid the vaccinated positive results!!!

Oops! Cal Berkeley did the unthinkable!

November 12, 2021

CBS News reports that 44 Cal football players "tested positive" for COVID on Wednesday, after undergoing mandatory testing.  Their weekend game is postponed.  They were contact-traced after "someone" was infected.  The team is "99.5%" vaccinated, per Cal athletic director Jim Knowlton.
Damage control was immediate.  In the same news report, Dr. Monica Gandhi, UCSF infectious disease expert, said the vaccinated players never should have been tested and that "guidelines" hadn't been updated.  Oops!  Gandhi explained why she was not worried:
"I have zero panic whatsoever as a public health person, as an infectious disease doctor, of 44 healthy people who are fully vaccinated who may have a little virus in their nose on a highly sensitive test," Gandhi told KPIX 5 Wednesday. "It is not an outbreak, it does not mean they got sick, and it does not mean the vaccines don't work. It means that our public health strategy in this case was off and they were doing mass testing of people who didn't need it."
The team, under threat of arrest if they didn't all test, submitted.  I'm sure the "guidelines" will be updated post-haste to avoid this in the future!  For now, the scramble to explain the results is pathetic.

Oops! Cal Berkeley did the unthinkable! - American Thinker



From: Showtalk


Kind of poetic Justice.


From: WALTER784


Yes... it openly shows their hand... and if they're doing it... they are probably also in lock-step with other universities and who knows... maybe even test centers? They will only perform testing on the unvaccinated to jack up the numbers which plays into their narrative.

But they got busted this time... and bigly. (* CHUCKLE *)


Edited to add: [When the truth comes out... their narrative goes to hell!]

  • Edited November 30, 2021 1:55 am  by  WALTER784