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SCAM SPAM   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Jan-19 by WALTER784; 63 views.

From: WALTER784


Can somebody buy me a one way airfare from Tokyo to London? I'll reimburse you double the amount once I pick up my Euro 15,000,000 (US$17,005,500.00] (* ROFLMAO *)

I received the following in my SPAM inbox today that said:

Find attached a case filed against you, you are required to appear in court on 27th January. 2022 with the attached lawsuit. It supposedly came from clerk@court.com but I new it was a fake so I just did a little poking around. There is no domain registered as court.com. But there is a ncourt.com, an offcourt.com, a tele-court.com, an avcourtgifts.com and a few others, but no court.com.

I thus proceeded to look at the full headers of the Email sent to me and discovered the IP!

This IP was reported to a real time black list 8,312 times. Confidence of Abuse is 100%:?
ISP UAB Host Baltic
Usage Type Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
Domain Name serveroffer.lt
Country Lithuania
City Kaunas, Kauno apskritis

Also, please note, the item below was from Nov 13, 2018... LOL

And one more thing, in 2018, England used the Euro currency, but in 2020, with their Brexit, they reverted back to their British Stirling Pound and thus don't use the Euro any more.


I just thought I would mention it for the laughs that I initially got when I received it! (* GRIN *)

  • Edited January 19, 2022 5:24 am  by  WALTER784