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In light of recent info are vaccines ...   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 10/24/22 by WALTER784; 125855 views.
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For doctors: Want to make $40,000? Just vaccinate 100 babies!!!

The Incentivized Mass Murder of Children

Forty thousand dollars per every hundred babies injected with deadly poisons

October 26, 2023

(Greg Reese)—For many years doctors have received bonuses for adherence to the latest drug therapy protocol. Drugs that are known to be dangerous such as statins and anti-depressants. And now we know that insurance companies are paying doctors to fully vaccinate your children.
This incentive program for vaccinating babies can be found in the Blue Cross Blue Shield doctor incentives booklet. And specifies that every patient under the age of two that receives the currently prescribed twenty-four inoculations is worth a four-hundred dollar payout to that doctor.
For further motivation, they get paid by the hundred and they have to vaccinate a certain percentage of their total patients or they don’t get anything. Blue Cross Blue Shield rules say that a doctor needs to vaccinate sixty-three percent of their patients in order to qualify.
The average American pediatrician has about fifteen hundred patients and would have to have nine hundred and forty-five of them fully vaccinated in order to get paid. At forty-thousand for every hundred this works out to three-hundred and sixty thousand dollars.
This is why most pediatricians won’t provide care for families who don’t completely submit to the latest childhood vaccine schedule protocol. We are talking over a quarter million dollars which is more than the average pediatrician’s yearly salary.
Research shows that an unvaccinated child’s risk of death increases by over five thousand percent when they receive the current vaccine schedule.
And Doctors are now beginning to use virtual reality to help them administer these poisons to children who instinctively know better.

The Incentivized Mass Murder of Children – America First Report



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Top Banker: ‘Arrest’ WEF for ‘Democide’ over ‘Bioweapon’ Covid Shots

OCTOBER 25, 2023

A prominent former Swiss banker has called for the arrest of corporate elites and unelected globalist bureaucrats over allegations of “democide.” Top banker Pascal Najadi has joined forces with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, a seasoned health expert from Geneva, to demand criminal prosecutions of those behind Covid shots, which they describe as “bioweapons.”
Originally posted in  slaynews.com by Frank Bergman
Top Banker: ‘Arrest’ WEF for ‘Democide’ over ‘Bioweapon’ Covid Shots
Najadi and Stuckelberger make their case in a brave new documentary titled “Cutting off the Head of the Snake.”
In the film, they delve into the dark underbelly of global organizations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
Najadi specifically focuses on the World Economic Forum (WEF), which his late father, Hussain Najadi, reportedly co-founded along with Chairman Klaus Schwab. Hussain Najadi was assassinated in 2013
Pascal Najadi is a retired Swiss business banker who wields significant influence around the world. His job was to advise countries and heads of state on the financial direction of the country.
In one example of his power, Najadi was responsible for the recent resignation of Switzerland’s President Alain Berset. The resignation came after Najadi filed a criminal lawsuit at the high Supreme Court of Switzerland against Berset.
He accused Berset of making false statements surrounding the effectiveness of Covid mRNA vaccines. As a result of Najadi’s case, Berset will now step down as the nation’s leader at the end of this year.
In the documentary, Najadi reveals his late father’s disdain for the Geneva-based WEF. Hussain Najadi left the organization in the early 1980s, leaving Klaus Schwab at the helm.
“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” Najadi said.
“You have WHO [World Health Organization] in Geneva, you have GAVI [Bill Gates’s Vaccine Alliance], then you have the WEF, which my father was a co-founder and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust in the early eighty’s that has diplomatic immunity.
“I, as a Swiss citizen right here, now declare that the WEF is not eligible anymore for diplomatic immunity,” Najabi said.
He urges the Swiss authorities to arrest those responsible for advocating a “global humanity injection by a bioweapon.”
Najabi argues that Big Pharma, Big Tech, Bill Gates, the WEF, the WHO, and other globalist entities are implicated in the scheme.
He notes that he and his mother are victims of the “bioweapons” and says they are both “dying” after receiving the injections.
“I call on the Swiss authorities and security to arrest those people immediately.
“Why? The WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Bill Gates all advocated a global humanity injection by a bioweapon injecting nanolipids into 5.7 billion people.
“And we Swiss are hosting them. That’s terrible. “We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity.”
“But you have done it. I’m the victim. I’m dying from it, and my mother, too. It’s a democide and will be judged,” he said. “It will be corrected in the name of humanity.”
A Coup D’état.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, on the other hand, discusses a syndrome affecting not just Geneva, but the United Nations as well.
Dr. Stuckelberger points out the Swiss government granted immunity to Gates’s Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI).
The medical expert is urging the public to look up this information in the Swiss database. She described the push for Covid shots as a coup d’état.
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Dr. Peter McCullough Gives Expert Testimony on the Safety and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines

"Not safe for human use."

By: The Vigilant Fox
October 23, 2023

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Arizona State Senate on Friday, October 20, 2023, regarding the safety and efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. McCullough concluded that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are not safe for human use. Here are a few other talking points from Dr. McCullough's one-hour testimony:
FDA Approval Process Concerns: Dr. McCullough believes the FDA approval process for the Pfizer vaccine was flawed and failed, especially with regard to cardiovascular risks.
Organizations Against Vaccines: Dr. McCullough highlighted that the World Council for Health and the Association of American Physician and Surgeons have both called for the removal of all COVID-19 vaccines from the market.
State Action: Dr. McCullough noted that states like Idaho and Florida are considering actions to address vaccine concerns if the federal government does not. He advocated for states' rights and responsibilities in handling vaccine safety in their own hands.
Long COVID Syndrome and Vaccine Concerns: Dr. McCullough believes that a majority of long COVID cases are a result of the vaccine rather than the virus itself, and criticizes the Biden administration's approach and research spending on long COVID, calling it the biggest waste of a billion dollars on medical research he's ever seen.
Detoxification of Spike Protein: Dr. McCullough has published peer-reviewed content on detoxification methods to address vaccine and long COVID symptoms, recommending a combination of natural substances, including nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin.
Throughout the intensive eight-hour hearing, pertinent recommendations were provided that are beneficial to all states:
1. Hold a meeting and compare hospital ventilator and mortality statistics for COVID-19 hospitalizations. What were the best centers and why?
2. For any new EUA vaccine, convene an independent state data safety and monitoring committee with authority to halt statewide vaccination for serious safety concerns.
3. Remove all current and future COVID-19 vaccines from statewide use.
4. Do an inventory of biolabs in the state and inquire on gain-of-function research programs that are allowed if not federally funded. Demand safety and procedural accountability. Otherwise, ban such programs.

Dr. Peter McCullough Gives Expert Testimony on the Safety and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines (vigilantnews.com)


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The body bags are building up to a number that nobody can ignore anymore!!!

“You Can Now Sue the mRNA COVID Vaccine Manufacturers For Damages,” says Steve Kirsch

OCTOBER 23, 2023

A cancer-promoting genetic sequence—SV40 was found in mRNA vaccine vials in April 2023. It is doubtful that there was disclosure of the SV40 contamination within the Pfizer documents received by the FDA. This means that the mRNA COVID vaccines are adulterated and the manufacturers can now be sued for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market until the adulteration is fixed,” according to Steve Kirsch,
Kirsch explains, “The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. This is considered adulteration. “When there is contamination, there is no immunity. It makes sense. Otherwise, they can add arsenic into the vaccines and not be liable.” explains Kirsch.
Important note. Experts from the World Council for Health (WCH) found that the cancer-promoting genetic sequence—SV40 was not present in the vials used for the approval studies but has been found in all vials of the BioNTech (Pfizer) vials disseminated for public use. These discoveries have been confirmed in several independent laboratories worldwide The discovery was originally made in April 2023 by Kevin McKernan at which point regulatory bodies were contacted. No official reply has been received.
Despite the adulteration being known about since April 2023 still “nobody has called for an investigation. Not even after Health Canada confirmed it. They didn’t even ask for an investigation!!” according to Kirsch.
However, now if the FDA does not take the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine off the market then they should face criminal prosecution for endangering the public, and not following the law. Kirsch argues, “The FDA is now at a crossroads. Either they admit that they knew about the plasma contamination and failed to disclose that to the public and to the outside committees, or they can claim that they didn’t know about it in which case Pfizer is liable.”
“There are so many vaccine injured. These people were normal healthy people, they took the vax, and shortly thereafter, they are a shell of their former selves. This was a dramatic change. This is not coincidence. This is not “bad luck.” Kirsch says, and “These people’s lives have been ruined by these vaccines. This is not going to end well for the authorities. There are simply way too many injured and dead people for them to keep pretending that “there is nothing to see here.”
Kirsch claimed on the X platform,
“The SV40 promoter is found in all the vials and it was in the gene sequence that was provided to the regulators. There is no mistake. The problem was that neither drug company ever pointed it out to the regulators. It’s an unapproved contaminant that doesn’t meet the standards set. So the regulators are off the hook.”
“But if the regulators don’t take action, then they dig themselves into a very deep hole. The law requires the FDA to stop the vaccine.”
Experts Believe the Vaccine is Adulterated
In a 2 hour interview with Kevin McKernan, Byram Bridle, and Chris Martenson you can hear firsthand the evidence that they KNEW the SV40 promoter was in the vaccine, but they DELIBERATELY decided to conceal it from the regulators.
In this video, Steve Kirsch says. “you’ll learn for the first time;”
Why these experts believe that the vaccine IS adulterated,
Why they believe that the drug companies DELIBERATELY concealed the presence of the SV40 promoter sequence from the regulators,
How they cleverly avoided violating the contamination specs by using two DIFFERENT measurement techniques depending on what was being measured
How Health Canada did *NOTHING* to stop the vaccines after admitting the vaccines contain an active ingredient that they were never notified existed. and have no clue how damaging it is,
How NO health authority in the world is even asking the drug companies any questions like “So, who removed the SV40 promoter label from the diagrams and why did they do it?”),
That none of the regulators asked any questions as to “why is *THAT* in there” (t
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But this isn't the end... expect more body bags in the future...

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warns of MORE DEATHS from COVID injections

By Kevin Hughes

Well-known physician Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has warned of an impending increase of deaths caused by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines and boosters.
She discussed this matter during an appearance on the “Zeee Media” podcast with Australian independent journalist Maria Zeee. The podcast host remarked that the world is tragically seeing the deaths of young people, alongside an increase in deaths and disabilities among the working population. Zeee also noted that every country highly injected with the COVID-19 vaccines are seeing excess death rates soar.
Tenpenny, an osteopathic medical doctor, then recounted a 2021 webinar about the dangers of the COVID-19 injections. After that webinar, she has since discovered 20 more mechanisms of injury caused by the vaccines. She then divided these into four categories. (Related: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warns of DEATH TSUNAMI caused by COVID-19 vaccines.)
The first category is the acute sudden death of people, which happens immediately or within two days after injection. Those who fell under this category died of cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolism, blood clots to the lungs and anaphylactic shock. According to Tenpenny, vaccination centers in the U.K. had to have crash carts as people were having anaphylactic shock post-injection.
The second category is the spike protein disease, which happens “anywhere from six months to two to three years after the last shot that people got – whether they got one, two, three or more.” The host of “The Tenpenny Files, On Your Health” on Brighteon.TV elaborated: “It would be three to five years because it takes a while for that spike protein to be generated in your body and to go into your organs and cause all this harm that we are now seeing.”
Rise in AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES projected in the next 7-10 years
The third category is autoimmune disease, which Tenpenny said will rise in all age groups within the next seven to 10 years. She spoke to two very prominent immunologists – one American and one British – and both warned of “big trouble” caused by the surge in autoimmune diseases.
According to Zeee’s guest, autoimmune diseases take time to show up. When they do, people are treated with steroids and different anti-inflammatory-type medications to shut it down.
Zeee commented that these autoimmune diseases are caused by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that triggers serious inflammation in the body. Tenpenny agreed, adding that the antibodies created due to the spike protein, hydrogen, lipid nanoparticles and other components are also to blame. Autoimmune diseases involve the body’s own immune system attacking its own organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.
The fourth category is termed catch-all diseases and pertain to health issues such as infertility, turbo cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and all the neurological complications that people are seeing. Various experts, including Texas-based cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and others, have warned of these vaccine-caused harms.
“That’s what makes me dangerous – because I told the truth,” Tenpenny told Zeee. “I dug the stuff out of the medical literature. I did my very best to warn people, just like what you did – spent all your time trying to warn people.”
Zeee tragically lamented, however, that many did not listen to their warning about the COVID-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, Tenpenny ultimately called on people to never bow down and be coerced into getting injected with the COVID-19 shot.
Follow Vaccines.news for more news about COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.
Watch the full conversation between Maria Zeee and Dr. Sheri Tenpenny about the dangers of the COVID-19 injections below.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warns of MORE DEATHS from COVID injections (vaccines.news)


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Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report

OCTOBER 22, 2023

In a recent dataset released by the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), a surprising pattern has emerged regarding mortality rates per 100,000 in teenagers and young adults, sparking a wave of questions and calls for further investigation from public health experts.
The ONS dataset, available on the ONS website here, details deaths by vaccination status from April 1, 2021, to May 31, 2023. Our analysis focused on mortality rates per 100,000 person-years from January to May 2023 among residents in England aged 18 to 39, and what we found is truly shocking.
Initial observations of the data prove that individuals in this age bracket who had received four doses of a COVID-19 vaccine exhibited higher mortality rates compared to their unvaccinated counterparts.
In every single month, four-dose vaccinated teenagers and young adults were significantly more likely to die than unvaccinated teenagers and young adults. The same can also be said for one-dose vaccinated teenagers and young adults, and two-dose vaccinated teens and young adults in February 2023.
The difference in mortality rates was so stark that the unvaccinated only managed to reach a mortality rate of 31.1 per 100,000 person-years in January, whereas the four-dose vaccinated managed to reach a shocking mortality rate of 106 per 100,000 person-years in the same month.
The one-dose vaccinated also fared much worse than the unvaccinated with a mortality rate of 53.3 per 100,000 person-years in January 2023.
For the remaining months, unvaccinated teens and young adults mortality rate remained within the 20-something per 100,000 person-years. Whereas four-dose vaccinated teens and young adults’ mortality rates only went as low as 80.9 per 100,00 in April and remained within 85 to 106 per 100,000 for the remaining months.
The January to May average mortality rate per 100,000 person-years was 26.56 for unvaccinated teens and young adults and a shocking 94.58 per 100,000 for four-dose vaccinated teens and young adults.
Meaning on average, the four-dose vaccinated were 256% more likely to die than the unvaccinated based on mortality rates per 100,000.
One striking point in the data is February 2023, during which four-dose vaccinated teens and young adults had a mortality rate that was frighteningly 318% higher than that of unvaccinated individuals.
While all other months varied, showing four-dose vaccinated teens and young adults were between 221% and 290% more likely to die than unvaccinated teens and young adults based on mortality rates per 100,000.
These figures are extremely worrying and strongly suggest that Covid-19 vaccination increases a person’s mortality rate, which in turn suggests Covid-19 vaccination may actually be killing teens and young adults in the tens of thousands.

Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report – The Expose (expose-news.com)


Sarah (Army3336)

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My GP has sent me to G.I. doc., and she is the one who sent me for Ultra Sound of my liver last week.  Have not heard from it yet.   My Cardiologist sent me to the lung specialist.  He is the one who made appt for Cat Scan  on 11/15 of lungs and told me to come back on 11/22 for more tests.  

The GI doc tech drew 7 vials of blood to run tests on, but I don't know what kind.  They were different from what my GI does every visit which have not been good results since COVID.

My daughter will have total knee replacement on Wednesday and has been told she will only stay in the hospital overnight.   She is to come to my house for recuperation and PT will come here for a couple of weeks and then daughter will go to PT place for a couple of weeks.... back and forth.  Guess I'm the one who will take her.  

I plan to ask her surgeon to keep her in the hospital for as long as he can because I worry about her getting out of the car and into the back den.   She said she will have to sit and sleep in my lift chair for a couple of days.  She has been to a class where they were told everything to expect and do.  


From: WALTER784 


Wow... sounds like a lot of things happening in your life and those around you.

Hopefully, with all of the new tests they are taking, they can figure out what's wrong and perhaps even offer some kind of remedy/cure for what ever it is that you have.


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THEY LIED TO YOU!: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic

OCTOBER 29, 2023

Before the alleged emergence of Covid-19, four types of pneumonia grouped together were the highest cause of death in the UK. 
But a former Director of End-of-Life Care has confirmed that following the alleged emergence of Covid-19, a new Medical Examiner System to certify deaths was implemented which meant Medical Examiners were certifying ALL types of pneumonia deaths as Covid-19.
This means hospital staff were instructed to lie about the actual cause of death to create the illusion of a deadly pandemic and maintain a state of fear and fake crisis across society.
Sai, a former NHS Director of End-of-Life Care, wrote a Twitter thread which, amongst other things, gave a personal account of the changes to the system of reporting deaths implemented in the NHS:
“When four different diseases [are] grouped and now being called covid-19, you will inevitably see covid-19 with a huge death rate.  The mainstream media was reporting on this huge increase in COVID-19 deaths due to the Medical Examiner System being in place.
“Patients being admitted and dying with very common conditions such as old age, myocardial infarctions, end-stage kidney failure, haemorrhages, strokes, COPD and cancer etc. were all now being certified as COVID-19 via the Medical Examiner System.
“Hospitals were switching to and from the Medical Examiner System and the pre-pandemic system as [and] when they pleased. When covid-19 deaths needed to be increased, the hospital would switch to the Medical Examiner System.”
In addition, “hospitals were incentivised to report covid-19 deaths over normal deaths, as the government was paying hospitals additional money for every covid-19 death that was being reported,” Sai said. “I have no doubt in my mind, that the Government has planned the entire pandemic since 2016 when they first proposed the change to medical death certification.”
You can read Sai’s thread on Twitter HERE or Thread Reader App HERE.  In the event it is removed from Twitter we have copied the thread below and attached a pdf copy at the end of this article. In the following, the number at the beginning of a paragraph relates to the number of the tweet within the thread.
1. The truth about the covid-19 pandemic from within the NHS (ex-Director of End-of-Life Care at one of the largest hospital trusts in the UK)
2. In 2016, the British government proposed and piloted a change to the process of how deaths were certified across all hospitals in the UK. I have attached a link to this Department of Health (“DoH”) document below:
Reforming death certification: Introducing scrutiny by Medical Examiners, Department of Health, May 2016
3 & 4. The DoH document proposed a switch to the “Medical Examiner” (“ME”) System and was sent to a number of different audiences for feedback and consultation. The ME System was already being piloted at two hospitals up north. The results of the consultation are below:
Introduction of Medical Examiners and Reforms to Death Certification in England and Wales: Government response to consultation, Department of Health & Social Care, June 2018
5. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, the death certification process involved treating doctors of a patient to attend Bereavement Services/Patient Affairs to discuss the death and either: a) refer the death to the Coroner or b) write a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (“MCCD”).
6. The MCCD states the cause of death. Whereby a direct cause (1a) or contributing causes (1b) (1c) (1d) are stated along with co-morbidities (not directly causing the death) being written in (2) on the MCCD. The MCCD is only ever a probable cause of death, it is not definitive.
7. The only definitive way of determining an accurate and plausible cause of death is to refer the deceased patient to HM Coroner (if certain criteria are met), for HM Coroner to accept and take on the case, resulting in a Post Mortem (“PM”) being conducted by a Histopathologist.
8. When a death is seen as natural and there is nothing untoward, the MCCD is written by the treating doctor of a deceased patient. Usually, this is an F1, F2, SHO or Registrar that attends. It is
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