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Would you buy a smart toilet to diagnose illnesses?   The Consumer You: Marketplace

Started Dec-7 by Showtalk; 1263 views.

Poll Question From Showtalk


Would you buy a smart toilet to diagnose illnesses?
  • Yes, it's a good invention1  vote
  • Yes, if it works1  vote
  • No, I won't buy a toilet that analyzes sounds and waste18  votes
  • I don't know enough about it (SNP)3  votes
  • Other0  votes
Yes, it's a good invention 
Yes, if it works 
No, I won't buy a toilet that analyzes sounds and waste 
I don't know enough about it (SNP) 
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No one wants a smart toilet for medical treatment?

I'd say "other" - it's probably far too expensive for all but the very upper crust elites.

So most people won't be able to get one even if they wanted to.


From: Showtalk 


$1,100-3000 on Amazon and it doesn’t say if they detect disease.  That is very expensive!


From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


Here's conspiracy for you.  They want those in every house.  They will eventually weigh your waste.  Remember they want to get rid of carbon dioxide, a trace element.  However, you are that carbon that they want to get rid of, but until then, you will be taxed accordingly.

Not my words, theirs.


From: Showtalk 


It’s not a conspiracy. They want to know every detail about us. It’s creepy and chilling. All the smart appliances can eventually be tracked by someone, somewhere if they are attached to the internet.


From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


Yes, I know it's not a conspiracy theory, but when we tried to explain this and many other things, including the smart meter, years go, we were called conspiracy theorists.  I still don't have a smart meter.  And until they bring the police, guns drawn, I refuse to get one.

The top 'labeled' conspiracy theorists have been correct about EVERYTHING, and I mean everything they have ever discussed.  They had the proof, the documents, real experts, whistle blowers, and even these evil peoples' white papers.  But so many just mocked the government officials' mainstream media and never went to see for themselves what these REAL investigative journalists really said.

Had the majority gone and checked these conspiracy theorists out for themselves, instead of being mocking birds for the mainstream evil satan worshipers, we wouldn't be in the predicament that we are in now.  And the mocking bird Christians, would have realized that the majority of these conspiracy theorists and a lot of the whistle blowers are Christians.

Even now, in these last days, so many can't accept the truth.  Yes, can't.  They wouldn't accept the truth, so now their minds have been blocked from it.

I'd never pay $1500 to $3k for a toilet.

Even if the existing one decided to fail catastrophically. There's always a shovel and a couple of sawhorses, since I've got plenty of evergreen vegetation thanks to having planted some Christmas trees about 30 years ago that once looked like that thing Charlie Brown brought home that keeled over from a single ornament on it, into a roughly 25 foot tall permanent wall of green facing the neighbors.

So the gub'mint and assorted faceless cloud storage companies won't know about my body waste details. Only the assorted soil microbes and dung beetles would know and they still haven't been fitted with microchips and 5G SIM cards to phone home - yet.

Dee (DLAINEDEE) said:

They will eventually weigh your waste

That's actually pretty easy to sabotage. I have been weighing propane tanks and assorted industrial process hardware for years. Maintenance and re-calibration are an ongoing workload, and for those, the weight has to be pretty accurate or bad things can happen.

Most such fancy stuff is probably part of the planned obsolescence paradigm. So it's likely to have a surprisingly high failure rate.

Then they probably aren't that secure in their communications. It's not that hard to add a resistor or such to a load cell to make it read significantly and consistently in error.

You have to accurately weigh the toilet to get the tare weight. Objects set on it will increase the weight well beyond its factory specs. As you sit down, you set the object on the floor or otherwise support it, and you'll effectively subtract a significant amount from what it calculates is the weight.

I suspect it would more likely try to weigh the person sitting on the thing, rather than the log they laid in it.

Then there's Archimedes' principle and how the trap works on a toilet. You drop a large deuce, it will displace water. That goes over the trap and down the sewer, unless there's a valve (which has its own very crappy - literally - maintenance issues).

Note as I'm writing this I have a CAD program open on the adjacent screen, and kind of doodling with a possible design of how to actually build such a critter, and I see plenty of ways that a cheap enough design to widely deploy would also be pretty easy to hack, either by messing with the tare or net weight if you can't reach the electronics to fiddle with the analog load cell amplifier circuitry.

But, one could certainly weigh a turd if you can measure the water level (and make sure it doesn't just flow over the trap upon splashdown), then bring the water level back to its pre-dump height and measure the volume of water removed, to get the displacement volume of the sinker. With a high sample rate at the moment of deposit, you could measure the water level as the floater briefly submerges, and what it drops back to as it bobs back to the surface.

Hmmm. Wonder if there's a patent on "a system to accurately measure the weight, volume, and density of fecal matter to detect amount of air or other lightweight material entrainment upon deposit"

Of course measuring one's pee can be easily tampered with, as any druggie who has to take a urine test can attest is pretty easy if there's not an eyewitness standing their staring at one's private bits watching them pee to be sure they aren't just putting their friend's pee in the bottle instead.

I kind of think that the "dystopia is very expensive" situation will come up long before they can deploy that many in most homes. The affluent? Yeah. It will be a status symbol. But the working proletariat? They can't afford them, and there isn't enough tax revenue collected from that demographic to subsidize them to go in every home. Or enough plumbers to do that many installations before people start going "nope".

Heck, there's still a huge grey market for pre-1995 toilets out there, because while they use a lot more water than the new ones, they do flush the crap all the way out, and you don't have it return and play peek-a-boo after the first, second, third, and maybe 4th flush to get Mr. Hanky-Poo to go away and stay gone.