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Trump Lets Loose On 'Biden And The Globa   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Mar-17 by WALTER784; 260 views.

From: WALTER784


Trump Lets Loose On 'Biden And The Globalists,' Proposes Major China Trade Overhaul



From: Showtalk


Trump made good progress with China. Biden blew that up.


From: Showtalk


Economists have been fighting methods for decades. Depending in who you read, you will get a different opinion. Biden actually kept the tariffs in place, then undermined himself to give favor to China in other areas.


Showtalk said:

then undermined himself to give favor to China in other areas.

Such as? 

China is demographically in heaps of trouble, we won't even be concerned with them as a nation that can affect anything in ten years, if you look at their population pyramid you can see why. Yes, they own a tremendous amount of US debt, the trouble for them is, there is no way for them to use it to effectively change course, the United States so far ahead in so many more important ways, demographically most of all. What Trump or Biden have done changes that not one bit, so the demise of China will not be credited to either or to anyone other than China's poor decision making process and totalitarian leadership. 



From: Showtalk


All the money the Bidens and other make from China. An expert who underestimates the dangers from them is a fool and not very well informed. Gordon Chang is the foremost expert on China.

from 2020  https://www.foxnews.com/world/gordon-chang-china-push-biden-around-dangerous

And today

GORDON CHANG: We Ignore China’s War Warnings At Our Own Peril


These so called foremost experts of yours I don’t think really are, maybe in the nebulous, almost news you and Walter subscribe to, that doesn’t hold for those of us in the real world.

China, I think is unlikely to go to war over Taiwan, I think they might have but seeing Ukraine I think the equation has changed, and speaking of, Taiwan has been armed to the teeth with much more advanced weaponry than Ukraine had at the start.

The US and its Allies hold the upper hand in a naval conflict, which this would most certainly be (not 1000:1 obviously, we’d take huge losses) but I think as a combined force we win, China won’t use nukes because they want the island, not a radioactive waste land.


From: Showtalk


You’ve got to be kidding. Gordon Chang is a work renowned scholar and the go-to person for all things China. I sometimes wonder what reality you live in. Did you even read what he said? Have you ever heard him speak?  China knows if they invade Taiwan, the U.S. will do nothing and essentially hand it over. 

I suppose you also believe China when they say the balloons they flew over the U.S. were misplaced weather balloons and did not spy on the U.S.   

Mark Levin was Chief of Staff to a high level official in the White House. He’s a well known Constitutional attorney. He founded Landmark Legal foundation. He’s far smarter about all things politics than any of us are or than anyone in the left could ever hope to be because he lives and breathes this stuff. He understands it. He’s a historian and a scholar.