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Are Pregnancies a Public Health Crisi...   The Curious You: Beliefs and Ideas

Started Mar-24 by WALTER784; 202 views.

Poll Question From WALTER784


Are Pregnancies a Public Health Crisis? (See next post for details.)
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From: WALTER784 


Democrats Demand White House Declare Pregnancies a Public Health Crisis

"Proposals to mandate abortion, in order to 'save abortion,' are nothing more than political posturing, funded by fake news, and the violent deaths of unborn children."

FEBRUARY 18, 2023

Mandated abortions could be a thing if the Democrat Task Force for Reproductive Health succeeds in declaring pregnancies a public health crisis.
The proposition is tabled as a way to stop states from legislating pro-life policies in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling against Roe v. Wade last year.
Using the power of the Oval Office to force the practice of abortion on pro-life States, has been on Team Biden’s “Defend Roe” list for almost a year.
Naturally, the industrial abortion complex supports the idea.
After the Dodds v. Jackson verdict, public policy head for Planned Parenthood, Laurel Saka, demanded the woke White House: “Use all the emergency and disaster authorities – as well as the tools available to them – to immediately declare a public health emergency.”
Saka declared, “we are in a national health crisis.”
At the time Joe Biden said he was looking into the request, telling reporters, in July, 2022, he had asked U.S. health officials if emergency powers could be legally used to “protect abortion access.”
DC Democrats have since confirmed the save abortion, Public “Health” Order strategy was still in play.
As retold by Axios, lawmakers within the Democrat Party are ‘urging Department of Health and Human Services and President Biden to declare a “full-scale reproductive health crisis” across the U.S.’
Quoting Temple University Law professor, Rachel Rebouché, Axios said, the declaration is “considered to be a ‘countermeasure needed to mitigate the effects of [an alleged] health crisis resulting from abortion bans’ under federal law.”
The Biden administration needs a health crisis stat, to save its legitimacy in the face of a massive political defeat.
Hence the “women are dying” fearmongering.
If the Supreme Court’s abortion of a bad law can be painted as having created a “reproductive health” crisis, then a “Public Health Order” could be used to prop up Biden and save what’s left of Roe v. Wade.
Herein lies the woke White House’s problem.
There is no hard evidence a ban on abortion is causing a public health crisis.
If a “reproductive health” crisis did exist, Team Biden would have already exploited every hint of said crisis.
Emergency powers would already be in effect, for the purpose of prosecuting opponents, and placating panicked pro-abortion voters.
This was revealed in a 2022 press briefing, when Biden’s Gender Policy Council director, Jennifer Klein, said, a lack of funds and limited legal authority was why the White House hadn’t mandated abortion via a public health order already.
If funds were plentiful and legal authority unlimited, Democrats would have already mandated abortion under a public health order across all 50 states and territories.
All this politicising is probably why the United States Health and Human Services secretary, Xavier Becerra expressed reservations about declaring a crisis.
He told Axios in January: declaring a public health crisis would depend on a “full assessment to see whether” post-abortion America was in “a state of emergency.”
Becerra’s apparent caution points to one thing:
Proposals to mandate abortion, in order to “save abortion,” are nothing more than political posturing, funded by fake news, and the violent deaths of unborn children.
Despite the 2022 prophecy of doom and gloom from abortion’s financial benefactors, the ending of Roe v. Wade hasn’t caused a nationa
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From: Showtalk 


The health crisis is about those who are killed. I recently heard a description of how late term abortions occur and the methods they use are horrifying. It’s so bad, I won’t post it here. If anyone wants to read it, do so at your own risk. Yes, these methods are used today.



From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


Abortion is murder, plain and simple.


From: WALTER784