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Do You Believe Russia Paid Bounty to Taliban To Kill US Soldiers?   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started 6/27/20 by BWArtist; 926 views.

From: MerlinsDad 


I think this country's democracy has already been seriously damaged by the current administration's embrace of authoritarianism.  I think concealing the tax records would be just one more brick in that authoritarian wall, but not the last.  I'm concerned about his willingness to leave the White House after Biden wins.  What happens if he proposes to become a dictator in total defiance of our democratic voting process, claiming that the election was a fraud?  He's already set up conditions under which he can make that claim, and there might actually be some who believe him.  Let's hope it's one of the largest landslides in our nation's history and that Biden doesn't have to request the military physically remove him from office. 

He's definitely made it harder to leave the country, and he has at this point said nothing about the EU's decision.  I don't think we're anywhere near the peak of this pandemic.  Governors and mayors are going to have to take charge and do it soon, or, as Fauci suggests, we might hit 100,000 new cases a day with a soaring death rate.  Too many governors are shilly shallying around, waiting for leadership.


From: BWArtist 


Most of my news consumption is when I'm working in my studio.  Then I search the written stories online.This morning I'm listening about local health officials that do the job as more of a public service than a paid occupation.  Many angry zealots though are showing up armed and angry at these officials houses after being bombarded with hate email and other forms of aggressive electronic communications. 


My point in referring to this is  that is where we are today, I've been keeping  track of all the non sense that has come since this earlier 4th of July weekend....


When these senators and one congressman visited the Kremlin on the 4th of July ,after all the craziness Trump had given to that point, it had me developing an analysis of a trend pattern with our 45th president..

As everything has began to add up, to this day, if you look who benefits most from all that has accumulated,  Putin seems to always be a beneficiary. Either directly or indirectly.

From the day the Russians were invited in the Oval office without any way for our people to document the visit,but the Russian press was allowed , my radar went up. Then the Helsinki visit where Trump went in secret with Putin and Trump came out of that undocumented meeting so submissive and proclaiming how powerful Putin was. And for most of this journey, Trump's minions deny anything is to be scrutinized! It's been exhausting. And it's still crazy. Again My son goes to the local market the other day and is confronted with an old guy that looked a lot like the crazy Florida bigot that Trump tweeted shouting White Power with his fist waving in his golf cart. Looking a lot like that guy,he was staring my son up and down and when  my son asked if he's got a problem, he scurries away. Just because my son wears a mask in public shopping.

Then how about last weekend when Branson Missouri  had Black Lives Matter protesters across the street from the Confederate memorabilia store in town. On the other side where the store was located, there were far right zealots  waving Confederate flags  and toting automatic weapons. I've been on that road and the first thing came to mind was I wonder if Andy Williams would still build his theater in this town?


Well I'm rambling in frustration at this point. I'm having less patience with right wingers response as to there is nothing to worry about condensations and such. Again the division in our country is becoming very toxic. Trump is toxic to democracy. And Putin is the  usual beneficiary.

I hope the Supreme court doesn't let me down. The most sure way to figure out what has been going on is to follow the money. But if the republicans are found to be compromised, who knows what they will be able to shut off. 

I do know many old school republicans that are disgusted what has become of their party . I'm disgusted  with the division and how an adversary can play some of us for fools. Like these two guys...

Where does an American go to escape the Trump crazies? Perhaps that could make a good poll .

  • Edited July 1, 2020 6:24 pm  by  BWArtist

From: MerlinsDad 


BWartist  says: "I hope the Supreme court doesn't let me down. The most sure way to figure out what has been going on is to follow the money. But if the republicans are found to be compromised, who knows what they will be able to shut off."

I don't expect to find what you are looking for in Trump's tax reports.  I think we'll find that a lot of money is going back and forth between Russia and the Trump businesses.  Some of it is probably shady.  I think we'll also find that he has seriously underpaid his taxes.  Any political deals won't show or Trump's even a bigger fool than he appears to be,  I think we might find that he is deeply in debt to some Russian oligarchs.  That could cause a scandal.  I don't think his tax report will show that Republicans have been compromised by him or the Russians.   He might, as I said, be compromised by debt. 

BWArtist says:  "I'm having less patience with right wingers response as to there is nothing to worry about condensations and such. Again the division in our country is becoming very toxic. Trump is toxic to democracy. And Putin is the  usual beneficiary."

I think you have reason to have less patience with right wing response, especially like the one in Missouri for which you provided the link.  Trump is pushing 20,000 lies during his 1258 days in office.  He has pulled the Republican Party into that black hole as they have twisted and turned to find ways to support and/or cover for him, growing ever more radical.  I wonder if they even know what they stand for.  They've had trouble with reality for many years, and the Trump administration only demonstrates how far they've been willing to roam away from truth and reality,  I sometimes question if many of them areany longer capable of discerning truth from Trump's delusions.  The Party has become radical and Trump is fanning that radicalism.  Because he is delusional, he has loosed all the demons in Pandora's box and violence has become permissible.  When he worries about Confederate statues instead of doing his job by acknowledging the problems of police brutality and racial injustice and promising to address them at the national level, they are encouraged and think they can intensify the violence and hate speech.

You have every reason to be frustrated.  You're not the only one.  Many are frustrated which is why Biden is polling 10 to 14 points ahead of Trump.  It will take Biden a year to clean the swamp Trump has brought into our government and restore it.  Biden needs to talk about the restoration of democracy, freedom, and liberty for all citizens, not just the select few the crazies, like those fellows in the photo, envision.  He needs to talk about racial injustice and how he will solve it.  He talks about restoring the middle class and making it larger.  The strength of this country is the middle class, which is why we've nearly been pushed out of existence due to wage stagnation for the past thirty or forty years.  To bring about this transformation, he will have to weaken the stranglehold business has on the nation and strengthen the worker's role in the nation's prosperity.

Be frustrated.  But hang in there.


From: MerlinsDad 


In message 13, I refer to the radicalization of the Republican Party.  Of course, tit started with Newt Gingrich.  Here's an editorial comment by Jay Bookman from the AJC,, March 7, 2016

Start with the style and tenor of modern Republican politics. Ceaseless confrontation, bullying, appeals to anger, resentment and persecution, a capacity for shamelessness that allows you to say or do anything to win -- these have long been the hallmarks of Gingrichian politics. As we've seen in this presidential cycle, the Gingrich style has become the house style of the Republican Party as well.  -- The GOP world view, in which their political opponents are not merely wrong or mistaken but agents of pure evil out to betray all that is good and decent in America, is also a distinct Gingrichian legacy.  https://www.ajc.com/blog/jay-bookman/gop-wants-someone-blame-start-with-newt-gingrich/V2nE49vBoHtSWgOVu5ihPL/

And here's an editorial on CNN today talking about using the Gingrichian tactics described above to enable fringe candidates to become mainstream.

For three years, President Donald Trump has served  . . . elevating wild and outlandish ideas that once only existed in the dark provinces of the internet. Under his leadership, the Republican Party is now openly embracing candidates of that same ilk -- - raising the possibility that those ideas will make their way to the halls of Congress.   https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/02/politics/trump-conspiracy-theorists-qanon/index.html

And in 2018 editorial by Paul Krugman, an economist I greatly respect

So here’s what you should know: the policy ideas [of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] are definitely bold, and you can make some substantive arguments against them. But they aren’t crazy. By contrast, the ideas of Tea Party Republicans are crazy; in fact, Ocasio-Cortez’s policy positions are a lot more sensible than those of the Republican mainstream, let alone the GOP’s more radical member https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/03/opinion/radical-democrats-are-pretty-reasonable.html

In other words, there's plenty of evidence that the Republican Party has become radicalized and that Gringrich was the progenitor and Trump the heir,


From: Showtalk 


Why are Pelosi and others always trying to keep AOC in line?  For every article you post that shows one R bias, there is an article to show the opposite.  It’s interesting that you keep blaming Republicans. That means, to follow your logic that Democrats can’t make their own decisions but are merely reacting to things Republicans have started.  Otherwise there would be no need to go back 20-30 years to blame anyone.  If politicians are leaders, they are innovators and forward thinking.  They are not living in the past.


From: MerlinsDad 


I am not privy to Speaker Pelosi's thought processes, but I would speculate that she has asked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to support the measures which Speaker Pelosi thinks are more important in the short term, even though McConnell will never bring them to the floor for debate.  I predict that some of Representative Ocasio-Cortez' proposals will resurface after the Democrats take control of the Senate in 2021 and the legislation can be passed. 

You have to admit that she is certainly refreshing. 

showtalk says:  ". . . Democrats can’t make their own decisions but are merely reacting to things Republicans have started."

That's a skillful twist.  I mentioned above that the Democrats have passed some very important legislation in the past 547 days.  McConnell has made it clear that he will bring nothing from the House to the floor.   McConnell is operating in the same Newt Gingrich no compromise mode that the party has used to set the stage for Trump's campaign in 2016.

His career is important to understand if you want to understand how we got to this point in our politics. ... If you look at the way that [Gingrich] gained power in the first place, he did it very deliberately and methodically by undermining the institution of Congress itself from within, by kind of blowing up the bipartisan coalitions that had existed for a long time in Washington and then using the kind of populist anger at the gridlock in Congress to then take power. And that's a strategy we've seen replicated again and again, all the way up into 2016 when Trump was campaigning on draining the swamp. This is a strategy that may seem kind of commonplace now but that Newt Gingrich was one of the premier architects of.  https://www.npr.org/2018/11/01/662906525/combative-tribal-angry-newt-gingrich-set-the-stage-for-trump-journalist-says

I've provided you with another link which talks about how Gingrich changed the tactics of the Republican party and how and why they are still using those tactics today.  Trump followed them to the letter in his campaign and will definitely follow them in his attempt at re-election.  There's plenty of information available if you would like more.

The Democrats will just have to wait until they take control the White House and the Senate in 2021 to get important legislation passed.

showtalk says:  ". . .they [politicians] are innovators and forward thinking."

That's an amusing remark.  Thanks for the laugh.


From: BWArtist 


I watched this discussion the other day. Observations from a military intelligence officer, retired navy. A very sobering perspective and I feel his conclusions are spot on.  At any rate, I feel his books would be good to check out at your library.



From: BWArtist 


Analogizing history to see how we got to this point is just being sensible. But some people insist on just focusing on a few trees. Instead of looking at the whole forest.


From: BWArtist 


Just seen an interview with the author. Thought this might be a good read about Newt.


From: MerlinsDad 


Thank you for posting, I read the excerpt and the review.    I find it interesting that such a book would be published while we talking about Gingrich's impact on a take no prisoners style of politics.

If it was politically useful to engage in behavior that could destroy the possibility of governance, which rendered bipartisanship impossible and would unfairly decimate their opponents’ reputations, then so be it. Gingrich-era Republicans were willing to enter into alliances of convenience with extremists who trafficked in reactionary populism, nativism, and racial backlash. The party kept counting on Gingrich’s media-centered strategy, tailoring its actions and statements to push the national conversation in its favor, even if that depended on mixing fact and fiction and practicing a new, brass-knuckles politics of smear.  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/books/review/burning-down-the-house-by-julian-e-zelizer-an-excerpt.html

Trump certainly picked up the style and manner.  In the excerpt, Gingrich refers to he and Trump as political "pirates."  We see Gingrich's revolution In Trump's style and in the current radicalization of the Republican party.

I was a little disappointed in the review [it's no wonder.  The review is by Geoffrey Kabaservice . . . research director of the Republican Main Street Partnership], but I picked up this significant passage about the murder of effective governance and the reason for the Republican alienation from truth.

Although Burning Down the House  is not the first history to cast Gingrich as lead assassin in the murder of bipartisanship and effective governance, it is an insightful if deeply unflattering portrait of Gingrich himself, highlighting his signature traits of arrogance, ferocity, amorality and shoulder-shrugging indifference to truth[bolding mine --MD]  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/books/review/burning-down-the-house-julian-zelizer.html

We're seeing a latter day version of the Gingrich style in Trump's current efforts to divide the nation with his descriptions of the protesters as ". . . evil' heralds of a new 'far-left fascism' who seek 'the end of America'" and stating that "'Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children.'”  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/07/opinion/trump-mount-rushmore-culture-war.html

Especially divisive even by Trump's usual standards, and more tally marks on the liar's blackboard for the man of 20,000 lies.  Gingrich at his down and dirtiest.

Thanks for posting.  The excerpt is enjoyable.  May see if my library has a copy.