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Do you agree with Biden’s vaccine mandate on 9/9/21?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Sep-9 by Showtalk; 13633 views.

From: WALTER784 


San Pedro: Eight months into the 2021 calendar year, overall cargo volume is 7,273,053 TEUs, an increase of 30% compared to 2020. 


Both are major import hubs into the U.S.

And just which countries have the biggest imports? Actually, I don't know the answer to that question, but I would surmise that it's probably China into both ports combined!



From: Showtalk 


The two ports are so close together they are practically the same place. Look at a map.

Showtalk said:

Or they will make it back by suing for discrimination.

They have to be alive to collect it. Meanwhile, they'll be living under bridges and eating scraps out of dumpsters and be at high risk not just from Covid but everything else from sleeping rough.

And a lot of people will go "roll a bum" for entertainment.

This article is kind of old, but ...


... wildly successful vaccine rollout means that soon everyone who wants a vaccine will have one. When that happens, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, barbers, airlines and Ubers should require proof of vaccination before providing their services. ...

And it shouldn’t stop there. Businesses should make vaccination a requirement for employment. A COVID-19 outbreak can shut down a business and be financially devastating. And failure to enforce basic health and safety measures is not fair to employees who have to work in offices, factories and stores where close contact is required. Things should get personal, too: People should require friends to be vaccinated to attend the barbecues and birthday parties they host. Friends don’t let friends spread the coronavirus. ...

... As I’m writing this I can almost see the Twitter rebuttals: “If people want to risk being microchipped by the deep state, they can protect themselves by getting a vaccine without making me do the same.” Nope. In its real life application, the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are about 90% effective. Sure, that’s impressive, but if the roulette wheel makes you one of the unlucky 10%, it’s little consolation. ...

... There are decades of state laws that require vaccination before children can attend schools. There are seat belt and helmet laws, no-texting-while-driving laws, and countless others that restrict individual freedoms to ensure safety for the public at large. ...

... As a country, America has become too tolerant of half-witted individual autonomy that ignores the existential needs of the vast majority of its citizens. While writing this column, I caught a TV promo for a new documentary in which Cher helped save an elephant. It made me think of her performance in "Moonstruck." Vaccine hesitancy? We need Cher to slap us in the face and tell us to “snap out of it.” ...

Showtalk said:

Then they could find the best way to deal with the situations a vaccine mandate now when 75% of adults have been vaccinated is stupid and useless. We have reached the level of herd immunity and it is working as well as can be expected.

Not quite there yet in most places outside of a few densely populated coastal blue cities.



(as of September 24th)

How many COVID-19 vaccines has Texas administered?

In Texas, 17,261,523 people or 59% of the state has received at least one dose.

Overall, 14,716,933 people or 50% of Texas's population has been fully vaccinated.

In Texas, 17,261,523 people or 59.53% of the population have received at least one dose.

Overall, 14,716,933 people or 50.76% of Texas's population have been fully vaccinated.


Doses delivered and administered in Texas as of September 24, 2021

Total number of doses

41,426,665 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been delivered in Texas

32,077,656 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Texas

(lots of charts and graphs and breakdowns by ethnicity, gender, age, etc.
Showtalk said:

There aren’t enough Republican voters left in California to remove a Democrat. There were not enough Democrats willing to switch sides

because all of those moved to Texas in the past few years.


From: Showtalk 


The vaccines were supposed to provide near perfect immunity. Until they didn’t.


From: Showtalk 


But in the U.S. total we have 75% vax rate.  


From: Showtalk 


So Texas can stay red.

90% still is pretty darn effective. Those i know who have had breakthrough infections, makes me think that total exposure is really high. There really needs to be a lot more breakthrough infection statistics as anecdotal tales tend to fall more into the "man bites dog" without any real good numbers to work with.


From: Showtalk 


Exactly. The number of cases in those vaccinated is still very low.  If they were all unvaccinated the numbers would be much much higher.