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88% fully vaxed and new cases still risi   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started 10/20/21 by WALTER784; 21316 views.

From: WALTER784


Tomi Lahren rips Dr. Fauci: I don't remember electing him to run the US



From: WALTER784


Showtalk said...

There is no original strain. It appears to have died out to be replaced by weaker variants.  That is exactly what some predicted.

It seems that Delta was quite rampant until Omicron came out... Delta hasn't died. It just doesn't die when a new strain comes out. Some will claim that it morphed into Omicron, but where's the scientific proof?

It seems that each time a new variant comes out... the previous strain just disappears and is no more to be found. There should be traces of all strains still ongoing today. But we don't hear about them.

What is different between Omicron and Delta? What is different between Delta and the original strain? Scientifically provable evidence please.

I think the original strain was just as dangerous as the Omicron and Delta... which is not very much. 

Anybody have evidence to prove otherwise?



From: WALTER784


Showtalk said...

These are people I know or family members of people I know who never had the vaccine and got it twice.  A friend who works in an ER got Covid about 6 months in. It was a relatively mild case because she was already taking Vitamin D3. She somehow got hydroxy and took that. Her doctor had refused to treat her.  She is not vaxxed but she is also taking some precautions because she knows she can get it a second time.  I have not heard of anyone getting Covid three times.

Since the CDC recently disclosed that their PCR testing cannot tell the difference between Covid and the flu, we have 4 possibilities:

1) Both PCR positive first and second time were actually for the flu and not Covid. They think they have natural immunity, but don't.

2) The first PCR positive was actually the flu while the second PCR was actually Covid. They may have natural immunity since the second case, but how can anybody prove that for sure with faulty PCR tests.

3) The first PCR positive was actually Covid while the second PCR was just the flu. They may have natural immunity since the first case, but accidentally tested positive again the 2nd time but this time it was just for the ordinary flu.

4) Both PCE positive tests were for Covid and not the flu. In this case, they would have gotten it twice, but with all the faulty PCR testing, how can anybody prove it?



From: WALTER784


$1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S) said...

Nope. It's called entropy.

And is this entropy too?

Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after Taking COVID Vaccine This Year – Many Died

By Joe Hoft
Published December 6, 2021 at 8:30pm

Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after Taking COVID Vaccine This Year - Many Died (thegatewaypundit.com)



From: Showtalk


Delta causes more serious symptoms than Omicron. It’s possible those hospitalized have a previous variant but they aren’t DNA testing at most places.  


From: WALTER784


It's also possible that Fauci is lying yet again too!

I don't believe a damn thing current government says any more.

Who knows any more.

The first appearance of the delta variant was after vaccinations started to be given.

The first appearance of the omicron variant was after the booster was developed.

You would think that our government would want to pull us out of this as quickly as possible and thus they should be performing DNA testing to see whether it's the alpha or the beta or the gamma or the delta or the omicron that is hospitalizing and killing the majority. But they aren't doing that.

They denounce and disallow Hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin cocktails to be given to those gravely ill and dying in hospitals and using fearmongering tactics.

They seem to be doing everything they shouldn't and almost nothing of what they should be doing!!!


Fortunately I don't know anyone at 1 degree of separation who has died of it but I know of 3 at 2 degrees of separation who did die of it, and about a half dozen who still have "long covid" symptoms long after an apparent recovery.

Then I know about 8 who are at 1 degree of separation who definitely caught Covid and recovered, fortunately all were breakthrough infections after vaccination.

The purpose of getting as many vaccinated as possible, and wearing masks and trying to limit the spread, is not really to protect the healthy - it's to protect the medically brittle and highly vulnerable for whom vaccination won't "take", and are very likely to be either permanently disabled or die if they catch it.

So one person even with a breakthrough case who isn't very sick at all, can pass it to someone who is very vulnerable who it will kill.

There is a reasonable balance that doesn't destroy economies - and finding that is not easy because there are too many conflicting interests.

Some governments (mostly in the deep blue states) have gone totally overboard, as has of course Australia and New Zealand. Some (in a few deep red states) have been almost reckless.

The down side of Omicron strain is that it is many times more contagious than Delta - more like measles. Someone who has had Covid and has been vaccinated, says that "natural immunity" from having caught it and recovered, ,only really provides about 60 days of protection after which one can be re-infected, possibly asymptomatic. So one can be exposed, and then spread it to someone truly vulnerable, while not really getting sick a second time.

The data points keep coming in which shifts the way this stuff needs to be mitigated, and these days it's become too politicized to follow the science, and too few realize science is not written in stone. Often protocols shift as we learn more about something.

Good example are various safety regulations  just about every line of safety codes is written in blood, whether it is aimed at trucking, aviation, drilling oil wells, wiring and plumbing buildings, structural design of bridges and skyscrapers, how chemicals are handled and transported. Someone was electrocuted, crushed to a pulp, maimed splattered, boiled, etc. which led to various things written into various health and safety codes.

WALTER784 said:

It seems that each time a new variant comes out... the previous strain just disappears and is no more to be found. There should be traces of all strains still ongoing today. But we don't hear about them

The other strains are still there. It' just that they are not as efficient as spreading, so we don't hear as much about them as their new competitors. Kind of like as VHS displaced Beta, or Facebook displaced MySpace.

It's just evolution in action, since viruses can go through thousands of generations in a single month, or even in a single week.

Random mutations happen all the time. Mutations that are disadvantageous for reproduction compared to other strains that are out there, simply can't compete against the hardier strains, which will find hosts and propagate much better.

Certainly people can be infected by more than one strain at a time - there can be a mix, where one has Delta variant present, and also Omicron and also even Alpha. But the most efficient propagator will ultimately dominate in a patient, which will then dominate the virus particles they expel that thus are more likely to infect someone else.

Fortunately, Omicron seems to make you less sick that Delta but it propagates far more efficiently. Thus, if you were given an initial infection of equal amounts of Delta and Omicron, the Omicron would reproduce much faster, and while milder, would also get in the way of Delta so you'd probably be much less sick than if you only got Delta.

And when you pass it to someone else, the next people you come into contact with are much, much more likely to just catch Omicron from you and not as likely to catch Delta even if you were infected by both, again because of the higher efficiency of Omicron.

This appears to be borne out in hospitalization vs positive test figures both for unvaccinated and breakthrough infections - Omicron is spreading everywhere faster because it's more efficient.

It also means that you get some immunity against future exposures to Delta and other strains. The difference isn't as dramatic yet as between cowpox vs smallpox, and the dominance of Omicron doesn't eradicate Delta.


From: WALTER784


I watched Japanese news on TV last night... after I had posted my previous post and they said that since Omicron is spreading so fast, that 95% of the new cases are now Omicron and that only 5% or less are from the Delta. They did however say that none of the other variants have turned up in the new cases.

They said that because Omicron is spreading so fast, the number of Delta cases seem to be small, but in fact, the actual number of Delta cases have only gone down just a little. It's due to the quick rise in Omicron cases that just makes it look smaller.