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Republican Lawmakers Warn About Communis   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Dec-6 by WALTER784; 307 views.

From: WALTER784



This is a law being brought up before our Congress to have CCT taught in all schools.

What law brought forth CRT that was passed in Congress to allow it to be taught in schools?

Aha... the gotcha moment. It wasn't. It was silently ushered in against the will of the people, unknown to the parents by our education system that teaches blatant racism.

CRT teaches that I'm racist because of the color of my white skin. HELLO!!! Wake up America! What did Martin Luther King so eloquently say? NOT BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN? Well, CRT is about as anti Martin Luther King as it can get. No Congress was involved in passing it, but it was ushered into our education unapproved and against the will of many parents!

Socialism, CRT, LGBTQ'ism are all being taught in our schools, unapproved by congress unknown by many parents until this past lockdown where parents finally got a glimpse at what they are teaching our kids through remote learning from home.

I wish them all the best too!




From: Showtalk


It’s interesting that the Covid lockdowns brought this subject to public attention. I did not know what CRT was before this all blew up.  The government made it household knowledge by going after parents. Had the AG not done so, it would have blown over.  Now that parents are demanding a say in education that crosses party lines, it will be addressed. We will watch and see what happens.


From: WALTER784


I think it's going to be another "blown up in their faces" failed liberal tactic to undermine our susceptible children into believing the propaganda they're teaching.

Luckily, they were caught due to the Covid lockdowns, but just think if the lock downs hadn't occurred... they may have succeeded to further destroy our civilization as we all know and love it.